New or Used – You Decide

This post is more of something to ponder. When looking at new or used cars, where is the better value? Typically I would answer this question with no hesitation that used is better value because the cars depreciation is the worst in the beginning and the used car has already been through the worst of the depreciation. The big thing that kills this notion is the incredible pricing that dealers are offering on new Saab’s right now. I don’t see these prices as something that excites me from the side of a new car dealer as the prices are coming from dealers losing money on every one of these cars to move old inventory, but from the side of the retail customer it is fantastic as you get a lot of car for relatively little money.

Comparing a used Saab to a new Saab, recently I have seen 2008 Saab 9-3’s on dealer lots in Canada for as much as $22000 with low millage on them. Now compare that to a brand new base model Saab 9-3 with 6spd transmission for as low as $27265. Where do you see the better value? I see it in the new because rather 20-30000kms on the engine, there are virtually 0kms. Now some will say “yes but there is no warranty”, true but a lot of the 2008 models are or just about out of their warranties as well and if warranty is a big enough issue for you, buy an extended warranty. Even if an extended warranty for 4yrs would cost you say $2000, you are still under $30,000 for a brand new Saab and pretty much a new car warranty.

Now look at other manufacturer’s cars available at or above the starting price of the 9-3 deals out there. You have Kia Optima EX luxury is $32,050.00 and yes it’s an automatic but still a Kia, Chevy Malibu LT starts at $27,970.00 again with an automatic but is also one of the quickest depreciating cars out there. Recently we had a customer come in from a Kia store and buy a 9-3 sport combi because it was a couple grand more than the Kia Forte he had been looking at and he couldn’t justify passing on a Saab as he had a 9-3 convertible as his second car.

The odd thing is that most dealers have had no problem moving used Saabs as they are a desirable used car, but have found it hard to sell the new cars in stock. With pricing of the new Saab cars falling in line with 2 year old used car prices now, it should be clear to anyone to look at new when it comes to Saab before you look at the used. This is definitely the right time for you to be buying if Saab is what you are looking for and there are plenty of dealers out there that are ready and willing to get you into the car you dream about.

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