Saab Of The Week

This weeks Saab Of The Week comes from Benjamin from Austria and is a 2005 9-5 Aero Combi. This photo took off on Facebook with 9 comments and 111 likes in a very short period of time. This shows us all the popularity of the 9-5 Combi model. We are on average receiving over 20 pictures a week from Saab fans and this one just seems to have been a hit with fans with comments like “this is exactly the type of the Saab I’m going to buy soon” and “I’ve got the 9-5 AERO estate/wagon what a lovely car… the shape of the wagon is superb”. Most vehicles out there in a wagon configuration are boring and lack any excitement at all, not at all the case with the Saab 9-5. The 9-5 Combi even in this 2005 is class all the way through and at almost 8 years old, looks remarkably new and stylish. Thanks for sharing Benjamin and as always, please send your photos to [email protected].



Community to me is one of the most important things that SAABSUNITED brings to the SAAB fans worldwide. We all have a common bond in that we want to see our beloved brand come back to life, we want to see a return of the good old days and we want to talk to or find people who are just as crazy as us about a brand that means more to us then some people do. Earlier this week we read about how much SAABSUNITED believe in NEVS and some of what Tim and Till have planned to bring forward in the coming months to make this site even better and in turn making us all, more connected.

One of the things we brought back recently was SAAB Of The Week. This has been very well received and has become a highly interactive with fans interacting with each other and sharing their love and passion for SAAB. On our Facebook page, we have an album full of every entry. In the last 2 weeks we switched it from being just SU choosing a photo that jumped out to an individual to choosing based on Facebook likes and comments on the vehicle pictures. This means you can directly impact who’s vehicle is chosen for the week. This has also brought over 140 more SAAB fans to the SU Facebook page in 15 days to share photos and conversations.

SOTW Screen ShotLast week I made a SOTW page for the main site here in which I have also added all the photo submissions and when you click the photo it opens a new page where you can leave notes for the owner of the SAABs you love or in most cases, set a new screensaver on your computer.

I would encourage people to leave notes and talk about the photos that jump out at you. Nothing feels better to a SAAB fan then to talk about their cars, your cars or SAAB in general.

We are currently working on a lot of different things to allow the community to become more connected then ever before and there are lots of exciting things in the works.

We are one month into a new year and I am more excited for 2013 then I was for most of 2012. There are still hurdles to overcome and questions to be answered but we will cruise this road together. I look forward to more of your stories to come in the coming year and look to share more with everyone who makes SAABSUNITED a part of their daily routine. When we come together, we do things that others can’t see being possible and we have to look no further then to the Saab Museum and a certain white 9-3 to remind ourselves.

2013 is going to be fun on SAABSUNITED and through my conversations with both Tim and Till, I can tell you that the user experience here is going to continue to get better and better and they are 100% committed to this. We haven’t forgotten the SU Store either as we look to develop more products and have already dramatically improved the functionality of the store itself. The commitment here is huge and I hope you all enjoy what we bring forward.

We are Saab because Saab is what we eat, breath and sleep. Saab is the good four letter word 🙂

Oh and keep your photos coming to [email protected]

Saab Of The Week

It’s that time again, time to announce the Saab Of The Week. This week was very close on the Facebook page with likes but in the end, the photo of the 9-3 vert of Alan Izzo’s wife set on the beach at Torrey Pines with the sun setting behind it became the clear winner.

Alan Izzo
I have in addition to the Facebook album, I’ve also added an album page here that you can find at the top on the menu bar “SOTW” where you will find all the photos submitted. Please head to the photos and add some comments on your favorite pictures, lets keep this interactive. People love to hear about others loving their cars as much as they do.

Again as always, submit your photos to Jason Powell

SAAB Of The Week

This week for the Saab Of The Week I decided to do it a little different and started posting all of the photos to an album on our Facebook page. We have had a lot of traffic this week on the Facebook page in views and comments and it has truly become a very interactive process. Every week I will be loading the photos to our Facebook page and based on the likes and activity on the photos I will pick the winner. As always, send your photos to [email protected].

This weeks winner is Alex from Sweden with his snow covered 2009 9-3 XWD combi with stage 3 Maptun (270hp). Thank you very much for all the photos, and keep them coming. If you have already submitted, you may still be our next week winner as we continue to grow the photo album we are also getting more and more likes on our Facebook page.

Ms Red is now officially (arctic)Snow White

For the last two to three years my wife (you may call her Ms Red) keeps telling me, that when we have some extra money she would love to own a convertible. In march of 2011 we decided to make a rational choice and we decided to buy a low power diesel 9-3 Griffin Sedan. It should have been a black Vector Griffin with nice full leather seats, but this car was never build. Because of our family plans, and because no new cars are being build in Stallbacka, we forgot about a new car.

Myself and Ms Red kept talking about the convertible thing. We assisted this year at the IntSaab 2012 in Spa(Belgium)and she saw cars like these.

and these

and she kept dreaming about a convertible, knowing that she was too rational to say yes to buying a convertible.

Read moreMs Red is now officially (arctic)Snow White

Saab Of The Week From Belgium

This weeks Saab Of The Week comes to us from Sturgis out of Belgium. It is a 2006 9-3SC 1.9TID Vector and what sets this one apart from the rest is that the owner went for a complete Xendium bodykit from RealCar and has also ordered the Realcar roof spoiler and has plans to add the Hirsch Stage 1 in 2013.

There is also a garaget page he has dedicated to this beauty and it is great to see how people personalize their Saabs from his bodykit, many griffin logo decals to the old Saab logo on the rear hatch. Sturgis has owned this car for one year as of December 27th and has already set it apart from many others.

Thanks for sharing with us. If you haven’t already, please send your photo’s in to [email protected] for consideration of the next SOTW.

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