SAAB Of The Week

For the first week of getting SAAB Of The Week going again we had a lot of great photo’s to choose from and it made picking one a tad difficult. In the end we went with the following two for one photo from Bräd Lauzze from Honeoye Falls, NY. He was home over the holidays and took this picture of his ’97 900 SE and ’04 9-5 Aero Combi. Someone yesterday was talking about Saab being ahead of their time and looking at your ’97, I have to agree. That car looks as new and beautiful as anything new on the roads today.

Thank you for sharing this perfect photo of two Saabs in their natural enviroment Bräd. Please continue to send your pictures for Saab Of The Week to [email protected].

SAAB Of The Week Is Back

A nice way to share some of the beautiful SAABs on the road is through the Saab of the week photo’s, so starting today we are bringing them back. The idea is to have people submit photo’s throughout the week to my email at [email protected] and every Friday I will pick a new SAAB Of The Week photo. What we are looking for is just a photo of your SAAB with a nice backdrop and no the photo’s do not have to have an SU plate frame on them to be included. To start things off, I looked through the photo’s in the SU Saab Drivers Photo Gallery and this photo below of a 2008 9-3 looked amazing. The only unfortunate with photo’s submitted in the Saab Drivers Photo Gallery is that I don’t know who’s photo it is but thank you for sharing it.

2008 Saab 9-3 TTID

So get your photo’s in to the email address above and hopefully next week we will see your SAAB here. I hope you all have an amazing weekend getting all the last minute Christmas stuff together and as I probably won’t be posting again until after Christmas, Merry Christmas to all of you, you are why I am here.


SOTW, We are SAAB edition: A new 9-3X

We are Saab
My fellow countryman Sven-Erling sent us an e-mail on Sunday announcing his purchase of a 9-3X TTiD. He took delivery on Saturday. It was time for a convoy. A convoy of one!

I just want to share a true saab-experience with the community.

Yesterday I bought myself and my family a new car, for the first time ever. We bought a Saab 9-3x. From the dealer on the west coast of Norway I drove together with my son (4) through the mountains on our way back home. Knowing that there where “We are Saab”-gatherings all over the world at the same time as we drove into the nature added a deeper tone to our tour.

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SAAB of the week – Chinese 9-3 with a Dutch twist

After our October fest a little over a month ago, we received a report from our friends in China who also arranged a get-together that day.

One of the pictures caught my eye, so I e-mailed KaiC and he generously sent me a bunch more pictures. The owner of this fantastically colored 9-3 lives in Nanjing City, Jiang su Province.

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Saab of the Week: Keith’s 9-5 WoofCombi

Warning: Certain aspects of this posting may be considered just too dog-darn cute. Consider yourself warned.

Good thing our owners didn't buy a Kia!
I know many of you out there are asking yourself what car to buy for your Great Danes. What car could possibly accommodate not only one, not two, but three? And allow these huge gracious beings to stand up if they so choose?

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SAAB of the week – 9-5 Turbo6

Radu's two Saabs
Over a month ago, when Saab’s production had been halted for about a week, Radu from Romania sent the crew an e-mail with a hint of buyer’s remorse. He had just purchased a 9-5 Turbo6, his third Saab in 8 years. Had he made a mistake trusting Saab?

I answered him the same thing I tell myself “this car is one I will keep for at least ten years”. I mentioned that the warranty would be covered by the dealer (at least that is the situation here in Sweden) and that parts are not thought to be much of a problem (Saab’s sister company makes a nice healthy profit from selling parts and will continue to do so post-Saab).

My lengthy reply to Radu ended with: My recommendation for you is to jump into your new car, drive it for an hour and see if you can avoid smiling. 🙂

The e-mails that followed were filled with a great sense of relief and enjoyment. Radu told me that his fiancé will get his 9-3 once his 9-5 is officially on the road (it takes time to get the bureaucracy sorted).

I have even showed it (the e-mail) to my father which is an engineer specializing in aerodynamics (he has a PhD in this field). When I parked my new 9-5 in front of his house he only said: wait a minute … Let me enjoy the view! The curves! The elements that make the vehicle friendly with the air that flows along, the profile that calls for great engineering in terms of shape”! He was amazed! He begun explaining what every item does in terms of airflow ease. Then he walked inside and it was the moment I showed him the e-mail from you. He read it carefully and said: “Normal! I would think the same!”

In the mean time I have had many hours behind the wheel smiling. I am not wiling to extend that many are looking at the new car. But is me feeling greatly inside and very secure that does indeed a lot of work. My idea is not to aim to make trade with the car in the next few years but to keep it to enjoy and perhaps to have my sons taking in onwards. I am also keeping my new 9-3 for my fiance! So thank you for reassuring me on the topic.

Radu is a 36 years old insurance losses independent surveyor (loss adjuster) from Romania with an impeccable taste in fine automobiles. The 9-5 is his third Saab.

From Vent in Austria - Radu's first 9-3

Lake Interlaken, Switzerland

SAAB of the week – Zeus up

Another Monday and you know what that means: the SOTW

This post requires that you increase you computers volume! 😉 (see the youtube at the end)

Here is a copy-paste from Davids e-mail..

Hey guys!

Great work on the site! I’m sure Swade is proud of his successors 🙂

Are you still keen on presenting cars from the community? Cause I recently bought myself a beautiful 1991 900 Turbo that I’d like to show off!

Just to cover the background, I’m David Blumberg (yes the one with the song :P) and as Swade already knows, I’ve been going back and forth between my home in Stockholm and Perth, Western Australia. After 1½ years in Sweden I’m now back in Perth (more specifically Mandurah).

New country means new car, and that’s why I found myself a really nice 1991 900 Turbo. It’s the 3-door version (my favourite!) and has just over 175,000 kms on the clock, which is pretty much nothing for this car. Since it’s a 91 model it has the upgraded seats from the 9000 (I’m assuming that’s where they come from?) and it drives just like a Saab should. I bought it of a local enthusiast who has his entire backyard/frontyard and garage full of Saabs, and probably harbours 1/4 of all WA Saabs in there 😀

I’ve owned a number of 900s through the years, but never the FPT* and I just can’t get over the rush! Just squeeze the throttle, feel the turbo wind up and off you go! Contrary to most Aussies, I’m not a big fan of either Holden or Ford, especially the ridiculously over-styled, late 90s street racers most teens drive around in. This car is so inconspicuous that only the enthusiast knows what sort of power this beast can unleash. So you can just imagine my joy every time I catch the hoons (Aussie reckless driver) off guard at a red light.

I have a habit of giving my cars ridiculous names and this one is no exception. Considering the relentless raw power of this beast and the fact that I get electrostatic shocks every time I exit the vehicle I’ve named him “Zeus”. So if you ever come across this car in a dark alley, be sure to address him appropriately, otherwise the outcome of your encounter might be ugly 😀

If there are more Saabisti around the Perth area, feel free to get in touch. I’m always up for getting to know local enthusiasts 🙂

I’ve attached a picture for you guys, and thank you for doing such a wonderful job 🙂


David Blumberg – Griffin Up!

On SaabsUnited’s facebook page you will see Davids car as this weeks profile picture.
If you want to submit your own photos and a short story about your car, please feel free to send a e-mail to [email protected] with subject SOTW


* Full Pressure Turbo

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