SAAB of the week – Ben

We all love a Saab convertible, don’t we? I sure would like one for summer of 2011..!

It’s time once again for SAAB of the week:

Hi, I’m Ben and last year I bough my first Saab, a 1997 900 SE Talladega convertible. It has Saabs 2.0 Turbo engine and the 5 speed manual, Wood grain dash, alloy wheels and leather seats (electric and heated).  Being a 14 year old car there is a list of things that I would like to fix to hopefully restore it to near new condition in the future and have started by replacing the faded badges and decals. I love the details you just done get in many other cars, I can spend hours looking at the little details that make it a Saab, almost as long as I do obsessively cleaning it on the weekends. I love the ignition between the seats and being able to recline the seats back by the press of a button; and then there’s the roof that transforms it into a everyday car, into a weekend sports car. After 6 months of ownership I have no regrets and look forward to many more years of open top driving.

I wish you good luck with restoring your convertible 🙂

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SAAB of the week – Ziggy and Benta

Ah, monday– a new week! It’s time for Saab of the Week.
This time we head over to sunny Santa Barbara, CA.

Dear SU family,

I fell in love with SAAB back in 1991 with the purchase of my first Saab, a 1978 99 Turbo. Since than I have owned more than 7 SAABS including the venerable 1997 SAAB 9000 Aero.

Fast forward to 2008. My wife and I plan on updating our motoring fleet. Of course our taste is very similar. I want a 9-5 in silver and so does she. We end up driving home two gorgeous CPO 9-5’s, one being an Aero (2006 Sport) and the other with a 5 speed. Our Saab children are affectionately known as Ziggy and Benta. My wife Nicola and I hail from Santa Barbara, CA. Keep up the good work SU!

All the Best,


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SAAB of the week

It’s time for this week’s SOTW, which comes from David in foggy San Francisco.


“Linnea” is my third Saab, and my first purchased new. She’s a 2000 Saab 9-3 “S” Coupé, 5-speed with leather package and heated seats with just over 82,000 miles, and has always been garaged or under covered parking. My plan is to keep this car operational and attractive for as long as possible. This Saab is perfect for my needs – sporty, stylish, practical, and unique.

Modifications are minimal and intended tasteful. They are:

  • Saab Sport Exhaust
  • 22mm rear anti-sway bar
  • Eibach springs
  • Bilstein HD shocks
  • 16” Viking Aero wheels
  • Black chrome front grille (a rare accessory)
  • Carbon fiber dash

Reliability has been excellent, though service is expensive in San Francisco, even at a Saab independent garage. I live in the city, and have no space to perform maintenance myself, though I’m mechanically able.

Eventual plans are to upgrade stereo to “SE” spec, with door speakers and amplifier, and install silver painted mirror covers.

Previously I’ve owned a 1980 3-door 900 Turbo, and a 1977 5-door 99GL. Clearly, I’m a fan of the hatchback.

Photographs were taken at the Golden Gate Park horse stables, in San Francisco. Note the fog!




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