SOTW, Snow loving Griffin

Niels-Søren Bøgh from Denmark sends us some beautiful wintery pictures of his 9-3x

This is my wife’s 9-3X TTiD 200 Griffin Hirsch MY12 on small trip to the nature. The place is called the “Frost wally” and was formed by the last ice age. For those who like nature, snow and Saabs – here are some winter pictures that speak for them self!

Between the pips is a badge installed from a classic 900 Turbo… this has become a family trend!

This is after my opinion the car NEVS should have had their focus on in TTiD, BioPower and ePower. And my biggest dream is the TTiD  with the eAAM system…  Merry Xmas!

Thank you very much for this weeks SOTW, bigger pictures can be found here


SOTW, Sonett coming together


I thought to change things up a bit it might be interesting to show a current restoration in progress. I’ve owned my 1971 Sonett (71501207) since August 1979. I bought her from Jack Lawrence (he used it as a pace car) and she was real transportation for the first few years, then becoming a summer fun car. Being exposed to WNY winter salt, she was suffering from typical Sonett chassis rust, so I decided it was time solve it. After a couple of light fixes, I concluded she deserved better, and began a complete restoration a few years back. Attached is an image of the restored chassis, with suspension and drive train installed. As the second image illustrates, she now can more than hold up her own weight. With some luck, she’ll be back on the road this summer. Hopefully this story will encourage other Saab owners to do the same. It has been a fun yet challenging project.

Best regards,

Todd Gustavson
Rochester, NY

Goldenidol and his 9-3SW

Greetings Robin:

I’ve attached photos of my 2009 Aero XWD V6 Sportcombi to perhaps give fellow members some ideas on things you can do to your Saab that make it even more fun to drive.  In my case, I have a Hirsch exhaust and interior, Vtuner Stage 0 remap, amber “angel eyes” around my oem foglights, carbon fiber braced Cibie Oscar+ amber driving lights with body color covers, Kamei winglets (from a VW Jetta kit), 9-5 hatch spoiler, and the rather obvious decals (which seem to evoke a great deal of curiosity from onlookers).  Inside, you can see that I machined a special 5 hole carbon fiber/aluminum instrument display which mounts to the center speaker cover via carbon fiber tubes.

I know this is all very over the top for our Saab culture, but it certainly generates a great deal of positive conversation with all kinds of people, so I feel like I am doing my part to keep the Saab spirit alive!

Regards, Al (aka Goldenidol)

Extra pics,,,,

Greetings Robin:

I’ve attached two photos of my one-off five gauge instrument pod in Raikage.  It is anchored to a highly reinforced center speaker grille (backed with JB Weld and brass plates) to counter-balance the weight of the gauges held forward by two .5″ diameter carbon fiber tubes from Dragonplate.  The .25″ thick aluminum plate sourced from Amazon was drilled for 5 VDO instrument pods with a drill press and shaped with a grinder and sander.  Black wrinkle finish with Dragonplate carbon fiber veneer for the front.  Braided nylon sleeves feed wires back under the speaker grill and terminate with a deutsch connector for easy maintenance and restoration back to OEM without any unsightly holes.  A sorbothane dot absorbs vibration on the left wing, but I may get rid of that to improve the symmetry and floating effect.  LED alerts are machined into the outer edges of the plate face for additional sensory electronics.  Installing the senders for oil psi and temp were big challenges on the V6 (no sandwich adapter possible!).  Am happy to discuss further in other topic fora.  Many thanks for the interest.

You can find larger versions on Flickr

SOTW, Tally the Turbo4


Hi Robin,

I’d like to submit my 2009 9-3 Turbo4, nicknamed “Tally” for SOTW. I have owned several SAABs over the years, starting with my first car, a 9000 Aero at age 16. Fast forward six more SAABs and 10 years later, Tally has become my favourite. We are a “strictly SAAB” family and you will only see us driving SAABs as long as possible! Specifications are below. Thanks!

Eric Winchester

Chicago, IL

Read moreSOTW, Tally the Turbo4

sotw Rare 9-5 in Housten

Phil’s passion for Saabs follows him across the Atlantic.

Hi Robin,
Please find attached a picture of my current SAAB collection, comprising a 2003 9-5 Aero Combi, a 2011 9-5 NG BioPower and a 2002 9-3 SE HOT Convertible. SAABs are rare in Texas in general and Houston is no exception, compared to states on the Eastern and Western seaboards and the mountain states. While the high heats of our summer seasons can affect the car’s interior, there are no issues with salt corrosion so the cars’ paintwork and general condition remain great even after many years. My history (addiction?) with SAAB started while i was still in Europe in the eighties and nineties, and continued after my work took me to the USA in 2002. My 14th SAAB, the 9-5 NG, is amazing, there are less than 10 of them in the whole Houston area (over 5 million inhabitants) so it gets many looks and wows for roomy interior, remote start and of course the HUD feature.
The 2002 9-3 SE Convertible was my first car bought on arriving in the USA, new off the lot of a struggling dealership. I had owned 8 SAABs from 82 through 2002 in Europe, so the salesman did not have to make a big effort to get me in the car. It is still going strong today with 154,000 miles. My wife bought the 2003 Aero Wagon from my SAAB shop in Houston in 2010, and 40,000 miles later it still goes like a bomb.

My history with SAAB:
1) 900 Turbo 1979 (82-86)
2) 900 GLi 1982 (86-90)
3) 9000i16 1988 (90-00)
4) 900I16 1990 (93-02)
5) 900 SE Sensonic 1998 (98-02)
6) 9-3 t 1999 (99-00)
7) 9-3 Convertible 1999 (01-02)
8) 9-3 1999 (01-02)
9) 9-3 SE Convertible 2002 (02-present)
10) 9000 Turbo 1988 (04-08)
11) 9000 CSE 1994 (05-09)
12) 9-5 Aero 2002 (09-12)
13) 9-5 Aero combi 2003 (10 – present)
14) 9-5 Biopower 2011 (12 – present)

The search for Saab number 14 in the summer of 2012 took almost 3 months. The few ex-GM dealerships in Houston with some relation to past SAAB business did not sell many if any 2010-2011 9-5s, and this car was certainly never seen on the roads around here. I wanted a model with HUD, the most defining aeronautical feature of this most remarkable car, and numerous candidate vehicles were considered as far as New Hampshire (2,000 miles away) without success, before finding on sale in Minnesota cars, including this one, that had been company vehicles for SAAB USA employees, and thus taken off the road in 2011 when the bankruptcy was concluded. This model had less than 6,000 miles, a 4-cylinder BioPower dual fuel engine and all the technology options except the DVD package. The car has 35,000 miles today, impeccably maintained by Swedish mechanic Tomas Larson at Texas Automotive Performance. The car gets compliments from many car aficionados driving German and Japanese premium brands, and there are clear signs of envy when the HUD is lit up.

A line up I’d like outside my house. Thank you for sharing. A few more pictures can be found on my flickr page


SOTW, a bit of Bordeaux in The Netherlands

This weeks sotw week is from Peter in the Netherlands, I’m loving the red top on his black 900, very striking.

Dear Robin,

Hereby I like to attend the popular talent show SOTW with my “little red riding hood” (in dutch: roodkapje).

I bought the Saab 900 2.5 V6 1996 two years ago, totally original. I like to finetune my Saabs with delicate changes, as I also did with this one. For example, I changed the hood for a bordeaux red coloured one, changed the end of the exhaust and bought some timeless Saab rims. I am very satisfied with the total result!

I really hope to see it back on your great website. Keep up the good work!

Best regards,
Peter Machiel
The Netherlands

As always I have placed larger and more pictures on my Flickr page

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