Sticker Update

Just a quick list of the countrues that have sticker orders.

Iceland = 1, Japan = 1, Taiwan = 1, Russia = 2, Canada = 6, USA = 50, UK = 26, Sweden = 36, Denmark = 8, France = 13, Portugal = 2, Malta = 1, Switzerland = 10, Norway = 8, Belgium = 12, Germany = 13, Latvia = 1, Italy = 2, Finland = 7, Austria = 4, Czech Republic = 5, Spain = 2, Holland = 63, Poland = 1, Mexico = 1.

This is the number of envelopes that have left my house but do not include the “lager” amounts of quantity orders (clubs, garages etc).
There are many orders that have to be paid still and I’ve had another 30 orders this morning which I will now get to work on. Also I have had quite a few people who have paid over night and that is first on the list to sort out. Just needed to clear the table before I filled it again,lol.


Sticker up date…

As you read earlier the stickers finally arrived in my house first thing this morning.
I just had enough time to sort out all the “world Wide” ones and get them in the post box before I left for work.
After work, and an exam, O…. and dinner, Kerry and I filled the rest of the envelopes that we had prepared a few days ago, about 170 envelopes (Europe and UK) and they are now in the post box.

Now I will start to answer the 89 emails that have come in over the last 36 hours. I will also weigh the bulk orders and let those people have the answers to their emails.

Sorry for the delays but we will get there.


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