Springtime With Your Saab

Remember the first warm day of spring, when you find yourself kneeling in your driveway, attentively cleaning your Saab’s alloys with a small toothbrush, dirt all over your clothes, Abba blaring away on your boombox… (ok, ok, the last part is probably just me 😉 )? Its here! It is time to get your beloved Saab into shape for the upcoming year! Time to wash the dirt, salt and sand off, and lather it lovingly with a nice wax. While we’re on the subject of firsts, don’t forget the other fun part of spring: the first time you get to fully put down your windows, open the moonroof, turn off the seat heaters, and drive down the road blasting some fine tunes with the biggest grin on your face! (yes, that radio of mine only plays Abba while driving too! 😉 ).

There’s absolutely nothing like these feelings of absolute bliss, when you drive a fine Swedish automobile. With everything that has happened over the past six months, those of us who love Saab have been very stressed out. We need to now take the time to let the administrators do their work finalizing the new owner for Saab, while we show our appreciation for the Saabs that we currently own. Two easy ways of doing this are to do a complete spring detail, and also to hit the open road to a fun destination, hopefully with other Saab lovers!

I want to give a brief rundown on a proper spring detail, and why we should all be doing it. I’ll start with the why. Besides the fact we love our cars and want them to look good, a good detail will prevent rust, fading, corrosion and scratching. These things detract from the beauty as well as heavily on the resale value. Taking the time out now to do a few simple things will save you a lot of money in the long run, as these problems down the road can and will lead to requiring body work and repainting. You will also get extra years out of your Saab by taking good care of it inside and out.

And here’s how you do it: I strongly recommend hand washing over conventional quickie car washes, and I recommend using warm water when you can, as it helps lower the risk of leaving scratches. I dislike quickie car washes because they use strong chemicals that can and will harm the paint and chrome/gold finishing if used for any length of time. A good hand wash with very sudsy soap will gently remove dirt and grime, and today’s soaps are very gentle on both the car and environment. A quick tip on washing- make sure you rinse off the mitt or sponge after each panel to prevent dirt from being carried and possibly scratching the paint. Once you’ve washed, use a microfiber towel or chamois to dry the car, they work better than a terry cloth and will not scratch the paint. Next step is to apply a nice polish to the paint. Polish makes the car smooth and shiny, and will also help fill in tiny scratches in the clear coat (the protectant over the regular paint). Finally, you are ready for the final step! You can either use a good carnuba wax, or a paint sealant. The difference is a paint sealant is made to last at least 6 months and can be tougher than a wax. I don’t recommend using spray waxes, they have a very short lifespan.

A big problem with our cars is the tendency for plastic mouldings and doorhandles. We also have visible rubber trim around doors, trunks and windshields. These over time with sun and heat will fade from black to grey. But there is something you can do to help protect them, and turn them back to black when faded. There are products out there for plastics and rubber, one of the most popular one is actually called Back To Black, and its made by Meguiar’s. You can either apply it with a towel and rub it into the plastic, or if you are as meticulous as me, you can apply it with a toothbrush to make sure all the crevices are covered, and then finish off with a towel. I also use this product on the rubber around the doors, trunk and windshield, it keeps things looking nice and new, and also keeps it moisturized so it won’t crack. Actually, its amazing how new the car will look by doing just this little step!

Another piece to a good detail involves keeping the wheels clean. You can either use the leftover car wash soap, or you can buy a special wheel cleaner. It is best to use either a toothbrush or a tire brush to clean both the tire and the wheel. Buildup over time will cause rust and other problems, and will harm the rubber on the tire. Wheels aren’t the cheapest to fix when the finish gets ruined on them, you will have to find replacements instead. To keep the tire looking nice, and to help any curb scuffing, there is a finishing product you can spray on to the tire to make the rubber nice, shiny and like new. Actually, this also helps keep the rubber soft and flexible, which will help prolong the life of the tire’s sidewall.

The interior is easier- it involves vacuuming every square inch, possibly going after any stains with a carpet cleaning product, and using an interior cleaner (please stay away from the Armor All!) to wipe off the dash, doors, center console, mirrors, etc. After that, use a glass cleaner and clean off the insides to all the windows as well as mirrors. Finally, if you have leather seats, you really need to apply a nice conditioner cleanser to them. This will keep the leather moisturized and soft, and help prevent from premature wear and cracking. A well treated leather seat won’t care so much about the hot glaring sun, or the occasional wet if you’re like me and forget to put up a window or close the moon roof during a rain storm.

Now that the car is clean, its time to hit the road and have some fun! Did you ever hear that clean cars drive faster? Actually its no joke, its been proven that wax reduces the drag resistance and thus makes the air flow smoother over the car. I’m not sure if that explanation will get you out of a traffic ticket, but it might help convince your significant other, or friends, that you need to go for a nice long drive in the afternoon… to see how the car’s running… or something. But really, take this time to enjoy your Saab, and get reacquainted with each other. It doesn’t matter what has happened with the parent company, for your car still runs strong, and it was made in Trollhattan. Have a great and safe spring season with your Saab!

The engine that might be

The current TTiD engine used in the Saab 9-5 was/is (from my POV) a little bit of a take it or leave it case. After all, Saab was in need of a more powerful engine than the 160hp TiD engine after GM cancelled the Diesel V6.

My own Djup Strupe told me back then that it was strange that Saab was offering that engine as Opel would wait at least one more year for it. The reason was not that the engine wasn’t ready for the market, but the guys at Opel thought that the TiD160 and the TtiD190 had too similar power values and torque values (350/380 vs. 400).

I have never driven a 9-5 Diesel, so I can’t tell if there is a big or small difference between both, but at least until now Saab was the only brand using that engine. Perhaps this was also a (the) reason why there was no automatic available.

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Trued´s NG 9-5 Aero – First impressions & THN views

Well it was bound to happen a NG 9-5. First time I saw one was after having led one of the convoys to Trollhättan one wintry day at the SaveSaab happening in 2010.

Still remember how graceful I thought the body was. So more or less I started to plan for the TurboX SC replacement. Earlier in the spring of this year I had a tentative order of an AERO. But due to circumstances that order was postponed. The idea was to have NG 9-5 with the SUHRT events in the summertime eg. The Midnaight Sun Historic Rally. But because of the temporarily shutdown of the factory the planned cars would not have had been delivered.

So I regained faith in Saab and having driven all engine alternatives I was ready to take the step to the best car Saab ever has made. First I started to look into the Saab Sweden “warehouse” zero milage cars that Saab has in Trollhättan and at dealers around Sweden. I had fallen for the Carbongrey metallic paintwork and Aero line of course. So I started to search the web in my quest for a suitable Saab 9-5 Sedan, I have never owned a Saab sedan. Just “practical” cars. Last sedan was a Lancia Prisma 1600 -1986. Knowing that I occasionally haul 99 B-engines in the cavernous TurboX could this be an issue??? But I guess a 9-5 sedan will take care of 98% of my transport needs ant that is in grand style.

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Secret SU October Fest 99

The white 99 has now been in the SUHRT garage for about 2 weeks lots going on and we have 3 more weeks until it has to be ready to roll down to Trollhättan with the other Stockholm Saabs. The convoy will include two more cars from SUHRT the marble white ex. Vladimir Antonov 2010 Midnattssolsrallyt and the RAL 5005 blue 99 Turbo driven in 2011 Midnattssolsrallyt by Fredrik Nyström-Andersson. Both car will be equipped with Clarion Car Stereo from our sponsor KGK.


Here are some sneak picture from the secret “development” department at SUHRT.

We will strap an “embedded” reporter from Auto Motor and Sport Magazine in one of the seats + two of our team sponsors Abshot Signs UK and Mellowood Medical Canada.
We will give the a ride of their life also later on in Trollhättan on a Testtrack. All our cars are equipped with Sellholms Tuning Springs and Bilstein/FORZA Rally/Racing spec shocks, riding on Ronal or Minilite wheels with Dunlop or Michelin 195´s.
Also a big thank You to all the sponsors WORLD-WIDE that helps us to pull this project through!

SaabsUnited application now available for your Nokia phone

Hello SaabsUnited-readers, this is JH writing. You may recognize me from the comments section, but today I am a guest writer here to introduce the new SaabsUnited application for Nokia phones. I am using a Nokia phone myself and thought that a SaabsUnited application would be nice to have. Since I had discovered a good way to make one I contacted TimR and today we can present the results! As I told you I am a guest writer for now but maybe I will appear here again, only time will tell. 🙂 

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