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Some of us can say we have a Trollhättan DNA, well if You’re like Tim and me are born by parents raised on the banks of the Göta River that night be true. But just half a century of making SAAB cars the city could hardly have changed any of the pairs in the double helix we call the DNA.

The DNA that some people refers to as having anything to do with SAAB has its roots in the chassis dynamics. Form and shape of the cars has nothing to do with DNA since SAAB has never looked inte the rear mirror when making the new car models. Look at the 99 that replaced the 96 in the late 1960. The only thing that resembled the old car was the front wheel drive an the solid rear axle to some extent. So over the years the design has changed in a progressive way and one of my friends Björn Envall was in control of this for almost 30 years.

The SAAB – DNA is a complex mix of advanced applied and theoretical physics combined with the drivers feel and ability to respond to various forces and frequencies told by the car. When harmony is reached almost as when mastering an instrument. That is where the SAAB – DNA can be found. Some feel it instantaneously some not at all.

– Jörgen Trued, SU Historic Rally Team & S2AB Rally Team Manager & Driver

The DNA is in the perception and feel of the driving dynamic of the cars conveyed to the driver. Probably the best guy in the world in this field is another of my good ex. SAAB friends Magnus Roland. The principles he outlined for the driving dynamics of a SAAB is the DNA. That thinking was used by Magnus when he worked on the Le Mans Corvettes some 15 years ago but before that on the 9000 in particular. A rear axle geometry hat still is top notch and a truly affordable construction. There are manufacturers out there who are interested in this axle. Magnus has worked out some amazing constructions and 3 years ago in with his colleague in the S2AB AB, ex rally world champion Stig Blomqvist a 5 link rear axle for Audi. Or should we say put on an Audi 4S. In testdrives head to head with a standard Audi S4 Stig managed to drive the 5 link faster and with more accuracy and less need for micro adjustments. In collaboration with Benteler in Germany they decided to make a sales push with Audi. But apparently Ferdinand Piech himself stopped it all saying that it was not invented in house. The SAAB 9000 was developed with Stig´s driving style as an inspirational source. And The 9000 turned out to be a great performance car.

From what I have heard is that the NEVS corporation at least CEO Matthias Bergman is interested in the “SAAB-DNA” and the two guys who can inject that into their company is Magnus and Stig. To truly understand the underlaying principles for the fundamentals of chassi dynamics would need a presentation by Magnus himself. He is truly a genius when it comes to get to grips with the twilight-zone of classic mechanical engineering old school and the quantum mechanics and forces for beyond the average scope of a traditional car company. A company making average cars. The car going down the road and into a corner with a driver behind the wheel is a very complex system, truly a system of systems. All frequencies in the tire rubber to the G forces and the the forces in a microscopic level bonding the car to the road are hard to understand for a skilled to average skilled engineer. The driver feels sensations and experience the environment, this interface with the car is where the DNA might be hidden. But to do a truly great car that makes you a better driver requires deep expertise in applied and theoretical physics and psychology (Perception & Decision making). I have had many great discussions with Magnus on the topic of driver performance, he is the wiz of chassis physics and have the Man-Systems-Interaction knowledge.

Most probably the best Swedish drivers through history both from the city of Örebro. Stig Blomqvist and Ronnie Petterson

Pick of the Day taken for a drive.

Last weekend we were blessed with some very nice weather here in the South West of England and Jerry from Astley Saab offered us the 9-3 Griffin Convertible that I chose for my “Pick of the Day”.

As they say it would be rude not to take up an offer like that so on the Saturday I collected the car and we went out for dinner with the family with the roof down.

The thing is, when you don’t own a convertible and you get one for a test drive, you tend to go everywhere with the air in your hair. Even in the darkness. Even to go to the shops. Even to the restaurant.

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Driving the 9-4x Aero

As the German dealer tour came to Munich I was very happy to attend the event, not only because I wanted to see the cars and meet the team of Saab Germany. The main reason for me was that I had an offer to drive the 9-4x on the trip to Augsburg, which was the second date for that day. This was something that I had really been looking forward to, even more since Swade drove us around in a 9-4x at the SU Octoberfest.

Though it was a short drive I got to experience both city and autobahn driving. We started in the centre of munich. As with the 9-5, you don’t really feel the size of the car once you’re inside and I didn’t feel unsecure as I drove the car through the heavy traffic. It may be due to the higher seating position that I found it easy to judge the dimensions of the car from the first second – maybe even easier than with the 9-5.

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SAAB Programs in Canada for October

With all that has been reported in the last couple of days, its been hard to think of a good time to tell people about the great programs that Saab is offering at this moment. Before anyone gets any crazy thinking of (this must have something to do with what has been written about in the last two days) these programs came out Oct 1st and are the same as any other manufacturer at this time of year when it comes to the previous model year inventory. So, here are the programs.  On all of the Saab 9-3s there is a $6000 credit for new and existing customers and if you have a 1995 or newer Saab you get a further $2000 in savings for loyalty. That’s an $8000 savings on a 2011 Saab 9-3 and with a starting price for Canada of $36100 that would make the price now at $28100, which blows me away to think of a brand new Saab for under $30000 Canadian, that’s Ford Fusion pricing. When we look at the 2011 SAAB 9-5 the story gets better. The 9-5 has an $8000 credit for new and existing customers and also has the extra $2000 in savings for loyalty if you have a 1995 or newer SAAB, that’s $10,000 in savings. These programs are offered by the manufacturer, see your closest Canadian retailer for any further questions about available models and options. Stock is getting a little low as far as color packages and such, but the dealer network will work together to try to find exactly what you’re looking for as we are still stocked fairly well.

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