Question: do you have an ‘other’ car and if so, what is it?

As you know, I have a “toy car” program running at the moment.
My main car is my fantastic Saab 9-3 Monte Carlo, but I’ve got interests in other brands as well and I’d like to drive as many of them as possible before the powers-that-be take my licence away for being old and rickety.
I’ve just sold my Alfa 33 16V and am poised to conclude my next purchase very soon.
I know I’m not Robinson Crusoe in having more than one car, so as a distraction from all this Fiat/Chinese/GM doom and gloom I thought a few of you could own up and share a little about the little bit you’ve got on the side.
Do you have an “other car” and if so, what is it, and what’s it for? If you had one in the past, that’s good enough, too.
You can ‘fess up in comments.

In case you’re wondering….

….why things are a little quiet around here, we have some family visiting from the mainland, and we’ve been out doing fun things like feeding camels!! That’s my cousin’s husband, Graham, making way for a hungry dromedary at Zoodoo wildlife park.
I hope you’re having a good weekend. Will be back to Saaby stuff shortly….

So just which brands were profitable for GM?

i don’t know the answer to the question in the headline, but it popped into my head the other day as I was reading the various corporate obituaries following Rick Wagoner’s removal from GM.
One of them mentioned that GM have lost around $80billion dollars in the last four years.
That’s $80,000,000,000 and to put that in perspective, that’s more than 10% of Australia’s 2007 GDP. Ten percent of the annual output from a prosperous, industrialised nation of 20 million people lost by one company over a period of four years.
A lot has been written about Saab’s lack of profitability, mostly in justification of GM getting rid of Saab. But with numbers like that, and all the internal accounting hoo-haa, it’s easy to see that Saab were, at most, just a tiny blip on the corporate radar screen. Jettisoning Saab is like swatting a fly.
In contrast, very little has been said about which brand is the major villain in this 80-billion-dollar sinkhole.
I would love to see the brand-by-brand breakdown and see who’s lost the most. The next time some journo rabbits on about how Saab were just a dead weight, we could then point them in the right direction and let them know that Saab’s philosophy on vehicle design was the way of the future, which GM ignored to their own detriment.
Just a thought.

Selling your car isn’t easy

Someone told me once that you can sell anything…..for a price. All you need is the right combination of a good product and the right pricing and there will be customers out there who want it.
Personally, I’m not a salesman. I couldn’t sell a heater to an Eskimo. I don’t know how you salesmen and saleswomen who are reading this do it for a living. The knockbacks and the constant need to convince people would beat me up too much. You long termers out there have my endearing admiration and respect.
This post isn’t about selling Saabs in general, though. It’s about me selling my Saab. The journey continues.
I placed the ad on the internet last week and have had around one enquiry per day since then. I wasn’t expecting a flood of interest and this trickle is actually good. It’s a pace I can handle.
The ad is visible everywhere, of course, so I’ve received several enquiries from mainland Australia. They’re easy to deal with as you just answer their questions and wait for a response. I’ve also received a couple of local queries, however, and today I had to deal with the first instance of someone having to look over the car.
You might remember that I came to a decision about selling my 1985 Saab 900 T16 Aero because it was a car that I never really felt I’d formed any sort of bond with. Faced with prospect of presenting the car for inspection this evening, I realised that had changed.

Read moreSelling your car isn’t easy

New “Save Our Saab” T-Shirts

Ivan’s been busy playing around in our Saab Design T-Shirt Shop and he’s created a little something to spread the Reconstruction Spirit of positivity and independence.
Here are the two new designs, specially formulated to be worn at a Trade Union rally that might be held in your immediate area (or just to bolster some community spirit for Saab, as well).
We normally have a small margin on T-Shirts sold through the Saab Design Shop, but in order to get as many of these out into the public as possible, we’ve eliminated the margin completely. The only people getting paid for these puppies are our T-Shirt producers, Spreadshirt.
And remember, if you order before the end of February, you can get 15% off, too (see that link for the code you need to claim the discount.)
This is the one I’ve just made up, a ladies T-shirt, size M, in a nice slimming black. It’s being dispatched to the Swedsh Ministry of Enterprise.

I’ll bet you didn’t know

I’ll bet that you didn’t know these things, and by extension I’m admitting that I certainly didn’t.
I’ll bet that you didn’t know that site sponsor State of Nine has many of their clearance items on a new auction site specifically for automotive goods.
state of nine clearance auction.jpg
If I had a 9-3 instead of the 9-5, I’d bid on some of those neoprene seat covers for summer.
I’ll bet that you didn’t know that GM Europe has a Flickr site with a collection of Saab photos.
Saab Air
(Swade, avert your eyes from the BLS pictures! They’re planning a BLS wagon this year, despite the lack of market for the sedan. Apparently, there are a lot of things that I don’t know. Thanks, ctm.)
Finally, I’ll bet that you didn’t know that someone in the 1980’s decided that making a Saab 900 look almost exactly like a 1982 Ford Mustang would be a good idea and that person actually took action on that notion?
I give you the 900stang or the Mustsaab!

C900 modded like a 1982 mustang.jpg

Thanks, Jeff!

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