Crossing the Norwegian mountains in style

Hardangervidda last weekend
Our 9-5 has been in our care for about a year and a half now. So far we have carried out only two road trips, and we were long overdue for a third; Time to visit my relatives out west!

As I live in Sweden and work in Oslo, the road trip became a two stage affair. My dad lives not far away from me, but logistically it was easier for us to simply join up in Oslo. On Friday we pooled together in my car, four people in total.

What was different this time around is that I was mostly a passenger. My dad wished to take the helm as we approached the stomping ground of his youth. I was fine with that as the rear seat is comfy and the ample leg space makes it easy to relax and just enjoy the trip.

Lærdalstunnelen - the longest road tunnel in the world
In some ways, it took me back to some of the family trips back when I was a child. The roads were a lot different back then. Instead of long and wide tunnels with ample space for my 9-5 meeting a big truck, my dad’s 96 would balance precariously on narrow roads glued to the side of a steep mountain. Back then, looking out the rear side window of my dad’s 96, there was nothing but a 200m (if not four times that) drop straight down into a fjord or a small mountain creek.

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A Different Kind Of Post

I really didn’t know what to call this post because it has nothing to do with what’s going on with Saab right now, but it kind of has everything to do with Saab. Maybe Christmas is getting to me and I feel I have to share in a way that is a break from the normal of what we’ve been reading here. In any case, here it goes. Where do you see yourself in this thing called Saab? We call ourselves Saabs United and I would say that for the most part this is very true. Just as with any organization or group, you will from time to time have people that come into you group with the sole purpose to disrupt things and to try to get reactions from others. Since coming to Saab and getting to know people all over the world, there are a couple of things that stand out to me and set Saab apart from any other car company and Saabs United apart from most other sites.

First would be the word “United”, the dictionary describes united as being made into or caused to act as a single entity. Better than that is this one, formed or produced by the uniting of things or persons. Do we always act as a united front? No, but I would have to say that even when we don’t, we are still united by our passion for Saab to survive and our passion for the great cars and people that make Saab, Saab. Even when on occasion I have disagreed with people, it has opened the door for dialog when handled properly.

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Pang Da And Youngman Stay Optimistic reports that Pang Da and Youngman are optimistic to strike a deal by Friday, 25th:

It’s Automotive News China, which reports on a continued hope for Chinese companies, Youngman and Pang Da that manage to get GM on its side in the Saab deal. The intent of the parties signed would be binding on November 15 but will now be extended until 25 November, ie this Friday.

The interesting info is that the MOU will be extended until Friday. This, in combination wit Youngman sending money to Saab to pay the wages, indicates that the Chinese are pretty optimistic about the case.

I’d tend to think that the new offer contained some serious efforts since GM’s spokesman James Cain confirmed that there will be no ok for a 100% takeover by Pang Da and Youngman (

Are you prepared to accept a deal with Youngman and Pang Da owns 100 percent of Saab?
“No. Let me be clear. Saab and Youngman can do whatever they deem best for the company. But if there is one hundred percent takeover of Saab, they will do it without the vehicles we supply, 9-4X, and without GM’s technology, “said James Cain.

Looks like this week is yet about to become interesting.


Attention NG 9-5 owners software update

I have My 9-5 at my dealer Svenska Bil to have a removable Tow-hitch installed and some minor service. My technician called me and told me that they had recieved a software update from Saab that resolves the issues that some owners have experienced with the Steering-wheel lock and start button.
So head over to your dealer, why not since You are at the dealer, give the car and yourself an early X-mas gift. Why not something Hirsch. Tuning upgrade or why not The New leather dash and aluminium pedals.
Just lets hope Saab in the future as a premium brand would contact all owners directly and offer time/appointments for service announcements, updates etc.

NEWS! Negotiations takes new twist!

According to and tuesday morning the new twist is somewhat like this.
A new offer is presented to GM by Youngman and PangDa. In return they get the licenses for 9-3, NG 9-5 plus the possibility to buy 9-4x.
Guy Lofalk and the Swedish Government ready for heading to Detroit without Victor Muller.
The sources say that GM is not in a hurry to finalize anything. Same sources say that “The ball is now with GM. We get a positive answer and negotiations picks up, or a no and in that case Saab goes belly-up”
Youngman has sent fundings to Saab to cover for this months salaries.

Guess more will unfold as the daylight slowly enlightens Sweden today!

Car & Driver features Bud Clark and his Saabs

Picture from Car & Driver Magazine
Good old Bud Clark in California is featured in a nice article in Car and Driver.

Bud has been working on Saabs since early 60 ies. Nice pictures of his cars including the super unique Saab Quantum.
For Saab people in California and US he is an institution of knowledge, Heritage and carrier of Saab history.

Design Study: The view from behind

Last week, we embarked on an in-depth look at a key visual element of Saab: The Saab Grill.  Now it is time for us to go for a short jog and get ourselves a good look at the view from behind.  Most of us like to think that this is a view that other drivers (excepting other lucky Saab owners of course) will be intimately acquainted with.  And just as we all want to sneak up on them with class, we want to zoom past them with style.  My limited artistic abilities and non-existent photo-shopping skills prevents me from providing a general diagram of the Saab back-side, as I did with the Saab grill.  But, it turns out that there is enough “going on”, visually speaking, that I believe the best way to proceed with our study, is to look at examples and point the various interesting facets of the design.  So without further ado, we have our first example: The Saab 900 SE

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