Pictures From The SOC In Iowa

We’re starting to get our first bunch of photo’s in from Iowa thanks to Mark Marcon and photographer Richard Moore. Seems they had to run for cover at one point because of a serious storm hitting but last we heard it had cleared and things were good again.

Please keep the photo’s coming and good luck to all the participants who are up for some hardware.

US Saab Lot

There were some rumors a while ago that those 900 Saabs that are sitting in the port and are waiting to be auctioned by Ally could suffer from the salty air. I recently spoke to a guy who was over there to inspect those cars. He told me they were in perfect condition, just as they just left the factory. The vast majority of those cars is stored inside and therefore sheltered.

The few 9-4x and 9-3 convertibles already were sold to dealers in the US. Right now around 300 Saab 9-5, up to 250 Saab 9-3 SportSedan and roughly 80 Saab 9-3 SportCombi are for sale. Negotiations about the latter enter a final stage and it is still possibe that we might see some of them in Europe.

State of Nine Annual Outlet Sale

Outlet Sale Starts Now – Limited Quantities

New State of Nine

Our Annual Outlet Sale Starts Now!

Saab Enthusiast!  


Our Sixth Annual Outlet Sale starts now! Most of these items only have one available – so act fast!  Have a great 4th of July and enjoy your Saab,



Dan DeVlieger

State of Nine Ltd. 
Phone: 877-449-SAAB


State of Nine, Ltd is not associated in any way with NEVS, Saab Cars NA, Hirsch Performance, Spyker Cars, or Tom and Ray from Car Talk. Prices and promotions are subject to change.  Check for the most up-to-date prices. 

Saab US Dealers Ask For SCNA Chapter 11 Protection

Take this as a good sign, today 41 US dealers asked a judge for Chapter 11 protection which would allow them greater involvement in a liquidation and to preserve whatever structure they can in case a bid for the entire company is accepted. Automotive News published an article today explaining the situation with quotes from the dealer group’s attorney Leonard Bellavia. He is representing 162 of the 188 US dealers in the bankruptcy proceedings.

“We filed a [Chapter] 11 just in case a white knight comes out of nowhere and buys Saab’s parent,” he told Rick Kranz of Automotive News. In the US, a Chapter 11 differs from a Chapter 7 in a few key areas. He explains it in his statement on behalf of the dealers today.

Read moreSaab US Dealers Ask For SCNA Chapter 11 Protection

A letter of thanks

We Just received this email from Randy Risley who was most recently the Saab NA Training & Brand Quality Manager. This is just another example of the great people we have and had working for Saab. Randy, I know your letter is a thank you to the dealers and customers alike but I want to extend a thank you to you as well for understanding the dealers and customers.

For years I have remained silent to the SU membership as I have anonymously enjoyed the many fine articles and informational blogs on this great site, now I would like to express my sincere thanks to all of the SU crew and post a letter of appreciation to all of the great Saab dealers in North America.

Thank you to All North American Dealers

It is with great appreciation and admiration that I post this message of gratitude for the tremendous efforts of so many Saab dealers and dedicated personnel in North America.  The brand loyalty of our talented service, parts, sales, administrative and leadership professionals, from our many dedicated dealers, grew Saab in its time of prosperity and kept Saab alive during the dark periods of transition and no production.  Even now, as Saab departs the new vehicle market place, there are many who are committed to supporting Saab customers into the future and sadly those who are loyal to the brand but financially unable to continue.

My Saab role over the years has provided me with the opportunity to meet and work with a network of dealer professionals, who were truly an extended family of Saab enthusiasts, dedicated to the brand and to the Saab customer with unstoppable passion. I have been privileged to have met many great Saab professionals during our product launch events and conventions and so it is with this message that I express my gratitude and best wishes to all of my wonderful Saab dealership friends with my confidence that your great talents will serve you well long into the future. I would like to extend a special thanks to the many talented Saab technicians who went far beyond the norm and shared in many hours of training, hard work and also much fun as we all worked together, my fond memories of our great training culture will live on forever.

To all of our customers who have supported Saab, I thank you for your brand loyalty and I hope you will take a moment to say thank you to your Saab technician and the rest of your dealer service and parts team the next time you see them or, even better, send them an e-mail of appreciation through their dealer site and let them know how much you appreciate their dedication to the Saab brand and their motivation to keep your Saab in top shape for years to come.

Best wishes to all for a bright 2012

Randy Risley – (most recently) Saab NA Training & Brand Quality Manager

Dashing Through The Snow

…Would be so much easier if you had a 9-4X AWD, right? For our US readers, here’s an excellent opportunity to benefit one of the best and most celebrated public television stations around. As part of their Holiday Auction, WGBH is offering a loaded 9-4X 3.0 Premium that was generously donated from the New England Saab dealers acting together. There’s 4 days left to bid, and at the moment the car is $15,000 under list price.

Being a great tv station, they’ve produced a festive commercial to promote their biggest auction item, which I think features the best driving footage of the 9-4X to date.

You can find the direct link to the 9-4X’s auction page here.

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After Life Update – New Salem Becomes Albany Saab Shop/Albany Speed Shop

As a sales manager at a Saab dealer in Canada, I have had the pleasure to meet through email some very great examples of dealers and managers in the US that seem to get what Saab is and needs to be. One such man is Darryl Carl and his story is anything but easy. We are working with Darryl from Albany Saab Shop who was formerly a 50 year Saab dealer at New Salem Saab to bring a story of determination and hard work to re create ones self. Many readers of SaabsUnited will remember Darryl Carl as a dealer that tried everything within his power to make things work in his part of the US. We celebrated with him when he his dealership hit the 50 year mark being one of the oldest dealers in America.

Shortly after reaching this milestone though, it was announced that New Salem Saab would be closing their doors forever. We all felt the pain of an owner who felt responsible for his staff and customers alike. New Salem had weathered the storm of the initial GM shut down of Saab and the start up of being an independent company with the ownership of Spyker as well as an economic down turn that plague the US and car dealers alike. I remember seeing post’s on SaabsUnited from Darryl talking about his new car pricing strategy of just over cost and service specials, it seemed like he and his dealership were willing to do whatever they could to get new customers and maintain their service customers. Through all of their struggles, Darryl for the most part stayed positive and never resorted to talking trash about a brand that was dear to his heart.


Read moreAfter Life Update – New Salem Becomes Albany Saab Shop/Albany Speed Shop

Hirsch, The Dealer and Saab

I will do my best to have a flow to this post as there is a lot going through my head. I will start with Hirsch and what this means to the dealer body and what some dealers have already started doing. Hirsch offers dealers something very attractive that not all major car manufacturers offer or at least not to this extent. With Hirsch, we have the opportunity to sell something other than just the car. We can sell dash kits, performance exhaust systems, body kits, wheels and performance upgrades that increase horsepower by 30 hp. This can all be done in house without having to send a customer elsewhere and provides the dealer with a great opportunity to make a little money but more importantly, satisfy that customer want or need for something different. When I posted about Hirsch finally being available for the Canadian market, people again voiced there concerns about price differences between USA and Canada and I do believe from the performance side of things that our pricing is the same or very close. When you take a new or pre-owned Saab and add even $2000 worth of Hirsch product, you really don’t affect a finance payment by much. It may be a total of $40 per month on a 60 month term. Watch out, here comes the salesman side of me. You can break that down and it’s a little more than $1 per day to have some style and horsepower.

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