At the SOC? Submit Your Pictures! UPDATES!

Just a reminder to everyone at the SOC in Parsippany, if you’re interested in sharing with the entire SU community directly, upload your photos to our gallery! The link is at the top of the page, or you can click here.


SaabsUnited USA License Plate Frame

And congratulations to the first 100 registrants for SOC, the Saab Club of North America generously is giving you the brand new SaabsUnited license plate holders from State of Nine for free! We’d love to see pictures of your Saabs with the new frames attached!

Click past the break to see photos Steve C. exclusively took at a presentation that Reinertsen Motors gave yesterday. If you need a reminder why this company is worth saving, or what we mean when we say the company has a history that can’t just be invented or fabricated that has incredible value.

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Facts on the Hirsch Performance launch in the USA

Last week I posted about Hirsch Performance finally being available in the USA. The discussion that followed in comments was quite emotional and made it clear that a lot of questions are still unanswered. What is needed are reliable info and facts. So I picked up the phone and had a long chat with Erik from Hirsch Performance to get into the details of the processes behind the US launch and to hear about the challenges.

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