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Two of Swedens newest and happiest 9-3 CV owners who just drive off in their premier drive after the purchase at the MapTun Meet some weeks ago


It is no surprise for anyone in the SAAB Automotive world that after the window of the production in Trollhättan and the end of sale of new SAABs the whole SAAB world has taken quite a hard blow. But it is at hard times like this the need for all good forces to join and build something that is better compared to the present situation. I have through history (yes it sounds like I am a dinosaur with my age of 50) argued for a unification of first the various Swedish SAAB Clubs to make one good and strong that was by the way second by Jan-Åke Jonsson ex. CEO at SAAB Automobile. Then came TrollhättanSAAB that evolved into SAABSUNITED (SU). SU had some glamorous years when we where at the forefront with the latest news from the at that time alive production. The economic game with Victor Muller, Vladimir Antonov and the Swedish Government. And a successful Historic Rally Team to keep us both in the present but also in the glorious past of SAAB engineering and traditions. For Tim and me and some of the other contributors to SU this was a good platform to promote the cars and the brand we all so dearly loved.

So what is the future like? Well the cars that has been made are out there and are cherished by their owners.

But what can we collectively on a global level do to make it possible for everyone to enjoy their cars from the olive-green 92 with 2 cylinders to the B I G NG 9-5?

Why not form a REAL International SAAB organization with SU as the base. The name is good and then just add something like  “Where all the Worlds SAAB entusiasts gather”

Besides the great social activities around the globe and the happiness surrounding the brand there is one area that desperately needs to be worked upon.

The parts, spare-parts and re-manufacturing. Another area that need to dealt with its the emission of the old engines and its technology. SAAB organisations like SU and others desperately needs to be proactive and get started on finding retrofit catalytic converters and means to collect the oily fumes form the cute 2 strokers. Politicians and governments around the globe are coming down on old dirty cars and we have some of the dirtiest most inefficient combustion engines around in some models.

So hoar do we go about safeguarding the past challenge? My idea is to set up a BIG server with every nut & bolt imaginable on SAAB cars. All the listings of parts for every model should be found here. Making the system easy for people who has spare parts laying around the garage to label them and possible have them sold to a fellow SAABer who is out in the system looking for that part number. I know there is so much stuff with SAAB owners around the globe that the need for spare parts for daily drivers  and restorers can be supported for a long time. So let us make good use of the Internet and the great possibilities it gives us. For example I have a set of brand new 18″ 9-3 TurboX wheels. But where can I find the part number easily and where can I post it in a easy task way so that that potential buyer somewhere on the globe can see that they are for sale.

I propose that a parts platform as described had a 10% kickback on all transactions to SU and the potential NEW International SAAB Club. That money could ultimately be used to procure and produce sought after parts that are really gone and near impossible to find. Just like the silver plastic that sits under the rubber belt on the 99 76-78 models. Agreements can be negotiated with DHL or UPS for a collective best deal for the shipment. Who knows we just might have a CEO for a carrier here on SU who could help out. Same goes with someone with the expertise in setting up a program for the searchable parts function described above.

It is time for SAAB people to really Unite again.




A comedians SAAB and laugh about (with) phoenix story

Billy Braver ex Saab salesman and also ex. comedian tells his life story in a very personal way. I look forward to see his future stand-up shows. I am curious to here more about that lewis motorcycle gang in New York. I bet that story is more true than the one a Dutch Saab Automobile CEO told the world that he could see SAAB 99´s from his boyhood window and that he owned a SAAB 99 EMS that none of his friends can recall having seen.

Good luck Billy. I bet many of Your SAAB customer came out of the showroom with or without a car but always with a great comic story to tell!


The San Francisco Bay Area Saab Club lives on

It was 10 AM on a Saturday morning (September 6th, 2014 to be exact), at the center of a usual quiet weekend in the Santa Clara high-tech office park that was not even disturbed by the newly constructed football stadium.  Yes, it was a quiet morning indeed.  But, that was about to change: more on that later.  The first item on our itinerary was a visit to the European Auto Factory.  We observed various models: including 9-3s, 900s and of course the venerable Sonett.  After nearly an hour of mingling, the quite air was filled with pistons firing and Turbochargers whistling: the 2014 San Francisco Bay Area Saab Club Meet and Drive was now on the move!

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SU Calendar 2014 – Last Call For Photos

Roughly two weeks ago we opened our email for entries for the new SaabsUnited calendar. We have already recieved a variety of great pics from all around the world that tell us how great the Saab spirit still is.

The decision has been taken to go for a larger size of approx 42×30 cm. As for a second calendar it looks like we might get enough entries and I’d like to encourage all Convertible owners to send in pics of their Saabs (just as a slight hint what we have in mind).

Since we want to come out with the final product a bit earlier than last year we close for entries on Wednesday, October 23rd. Here is a quick reminder of what we are looking for:

We do not have a general demand on the size of the photos but remember that it should preferably have 200 dpi in the final size or 42×30 cm.

Please send your images via mail to su @ .

Saab Club Romania Autumn Meeting

We received an email the other day from Dorin of the Saab Club in Romania. I am such a fan of Saab people coming together and sharing in their love of Saabs. The photos show a wide selection of current and former Saab models covering a large number of years.

Saab right now is looking to possibly start production of the 9-3 again and selling cars again and for the people claiming the 9-3 is outdated or that it’s not enough car, look at the 9-3’s in these photos. The car is to me anyway, timeless.

That aside, below is the email we received from Dorin.

Two weeks ago, Saab Club Romania organised the yearly autumn meeting in our capital city, Bucharest.

As you can see, the (Saab) force is still strong among these lands 🙂


Dorin, Saab is definitely strong in Romania, what a great meeting of Saab fans and what a collection of beautiful cars.

Saab is not dead, Saab is rebooting and will be back shortly. While we are waiting for the reboot, we need to continue to get out there and keep our community rocking. Saab is not just the cars that were produced and will be produced again, Saab is all of us.

Thanks Dorin and the Saab Club of Romania for sharing these photo’s and story with us all. We are Saab!!

Dr. Saabish: On the Physics of the Front Strut Brace

Dr. Nio Saabish, Ph.D Physics It’s precisely eight past noon.  Normally any resident of the lecture hall would be submerged in complete darkness, surrounded by rows upon rows of empty seats.  Of course, as one would expect, the auditorium’s regular occupants are hard at work preparing for their upcoming mid-terms.  But tonight: is a special night.  For a room that is typically bathed in sunlight, has found itself illuminated by the soft glow of several banks of fluorescent lights.

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Update: Saab Automobile Parts North America

Lets take a little break for a moment if we can on the discussions on NEVS and what it means to the future of the Saab brand. Everyone has their own opinion of what this means and a lot of predictions good and bad. I want to discus for a moment here the newly formed Saab Automobile Parts North America.

With all the comments about whats going on right now and some of the people who are lets say less then thrilled, I find it important to state that regardless of some predictions of what any of this means for future cars, your present car is still worth driving and parts will be easy to once again attain. Weather you’re happy or sad about the buyer of Saab, your Saab is still just as much fun to drive today as it was yesterday and dare I say it maybe even more. I only mention this because I’ve heard crazy comments about “well I guess I’ll get rid of my Saab now” and I think that would be a shame.

As noted in Tim’s post on the press release on SPNA, they were formed June 5 and will be responsible to provide genuine Saab parts to North America including the USA and Canada. This newly formed company is a wholly owned subsidiary of Saab Automobile Parts AB in Sweden. As we have seen in a couple of posts from RedJ, Saab Parts AB has been taken over by the NDO which some see as a bad thing, I personally see this as a great thing as the NDO will bring Saab Parts AB back to where it once was as they have no real option, they need to get it making money again to get their money back. We also saw from the press conference today that NEVS have an option to buy Saab Parts for 200 million Euro in 3 years allowing the government time to rebuild Saab Parts and the Network.

Back to the North American Saab Parts piece of the puzzle, I received a very welcomed email from Tim Colbeck. If you remember, he came on as the head of Saab Cars North America just as everything fell apart. I know a lot of people in his shoes would have packed up and walked, scratch that, ran away from the issues he had to deal with in his first few months at a new job. None of the issues Saab was facing were issues he at that time could have changed or fixed but this man has been there through every step of the process with us all. He attended two of the We Are Many, We Are Saab events and to me has proven to be everything that Saab is meant to be. The important parts of the email are as follows:

 With the sale of the parts, the wind down of SCNA is near complete.  I have agreed to support SCNA as needed going forward.  Now that there is a new company for Parts Distribution I have signed on to be the CEO for the initial period to help bring that company up to speed.  Hopefully the new company can make life infinitely easier for Saab owners and Saab retailers going forward.  I am happy to be working to that new goal, versus winding down operations.

So again, Tim is with us all through this and I see this as great news that someone who knows inside and out what to do and how to do it is at the helm. I have spoken to people that worked for him under SCNA and everyone has had great things to say about him and his commitment to the brand, the customers and the dealers. I think we are fortunate to still have him there to help get things back on track. He has also told me they will be contacting Saab owners shortly too, so we will continue to monitor.

I know some will ask the big warranty question here and before you do, I have to tell you that I right now know the same as you which is nothing in regards to warranty. Saab Parts is its own company run by the NDO so I think it’s safe to say that they will not be the ones to get those answers from.


Why It All Matters?

With the recent events of the We Are Many, We Are Saab, some people may reflect on things and wonder, can I make a difference by attending something like that? After receiving an email over the weekend from Michel Theriault, I would say yes and that all we do matters. Michel organized the We Are Many event in Montreal, Canada and from that has decided to take things to the next level.

Montreal has not had an active Saab club for some time now and at the urging of some of the participants, Michel has started a webpage with a forum to connect with Saab fan’s and an ultimate goal of restarting the Montreal Saab club. Judging by the photo below, there are plenty of Saab fan’s in Montreal and I am sure the re-launch of the Saab Club will be a success.

Saab clubs are a very cool thing to be a part of and witnessing some of these clubs come together is something in itself. We have a club out here in BC and when they have met at our dealership in the past, it has been like watching family arrive for a celebration. Everyone getting out of their Saab’s with grins on their faces being met by other members happy to see each other again. I don’t think there is a better way to explain it other then a family coming together.

I wish all the success in the world to Michel and the soon to be relaunched Saab Club from Montreal. If you are in the Montreal area, please visit the website link and show your support.

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