Where There’s A Will, There Will Always Be a Saab!

There are two types of news out there right now regarding Saab: the very positive and upbeat, and then you have the very negative. What can be perceived as negative is sometimes just stating the reality of the situation, and what must happen in order for Saab to make a comeback. Saab is in deep trouble, we must not ignore that. However, we need to remember all the positives and that where there’s a will, there will always be a Saab!

Saab is like a plant. It will flourish when it is out of its constraining pot, has deep roots, and can grow broad and green. For many years it has stayed in a small pot, not being able to grow and has slowly turned brown. Victor Muller came along and tried to revive it by taking it out of its pot, putting it shallow soil, and tried to get it to grow using a restricted amount of funds, hoping the dirt would appear and grow deep around it while the plant would continue to grow. Unfortunately, it didn’t work, and the plant was left dried up, brown and drooping. It is not Victor’s fault, it was just going to take a lot more than he had expected and could offer, to revive Saab. But we have a great opportunity for this plant now, with the right owner! The right owner will firmly plant the Saab plant into the ground with deep rich soil, and with proper attention, love, and nutrients, this plant will broaden its roots and grow into a very beautiful green plant. I have no doubts this can happen, and we can be there to witness it. There is no need to think Saab is dead, and no reason to spread negativity. Saab has a strong history of survival against the odds, and they may once again come out on top!

With that being said, the biggest struggle for a Saab comeback will be its reputation. Through the last couple of years alone, Saab has really taken some hard blows, and now the company is in bankruptcy. It has done its damage. The soft core Saab fans are slowly leaving the family, and there will be fewer and fewer people willing to take the risk of buying a new Saab (or even the current ones out there).

But why should that stop us? We can help get Saab their image back. For every Saab we drive, we are representing the brand in a small way already. Do we show our love for our cars? I’m sure we do! How do we talk to other car owners about Saab? We need to keep positive and upbeat, and also keep it realistic. By accepting what got Saab in trouble is step one, but its step two- how they get out of the problems- is most important. People are very interested in hearing there are investors out there wanting to buy Saab and revive it. They do care. Its cheering for the small people in the crowd of big people. People love that sort of thing.

This is just the start. We need to liven up our culture and really take it out there on the road! One suggestion would be to use our clubs. We need more clubs, and we need better attendance to the clubs already in place. We need to announce the fact that these clubs exist, and we need to gain new members continuously. Saab clubs give you a chance to connect with other Saab owners in a relaxed atmosphere where you can engage in good conversation. They can help host events! Through these events, we can show the public that Saab is very much still a viable brand, no matter what is going on right now with the parent company. Please stay tuned for more information about clubs and events in the near future!

We can keep our cars in great shape inside and out, and that will really impress people. For instance, I was driving a beautiful but older car several years back. A lady approached me while I was refueling at a gas station, because my car caught her eye and she wanted to see it up close. I told her the age and her jaw dropped. I almost had to show her proof! After talking about what a wonderful car its been for me, she was set to go out and buy one! (Unfortunately for her the model was no longer in production). But it will definitely work with our Saabs. They can be traveling advertisements for the brand’s survival. I know some of us already practice this, but I’d love to see more!

A second thought is to start giving Saab a name in our communities. As an example, the club I’m part of, the Minnesota Saab Club, sponsors a stretch of road that we keep clean. In exchange for our time, we get our name on a sign. Now, when people drive that stretch of road, they can see that Saab does good will in the community. They’re not going to think of us at stuck up wannabe BMW drivers any more. It helps get the name out there to those who don’t really know what a Saab is (and yes, there are still many people that will go, “that’s a car brand?!”). The more exposure Saab has, the better. And right now taking part in the community and showing goodwill are on the top of people’s lists. With all the bad out there, why not do some good?

Third, we can use the internet to help the Saab image. I wanted to take this short break to ask everyone to stay off the GM Facebook page, please do not post anything there. Instead, we would be more than happy to see your positive Saab posts on the Saab Cars Facebook page, and also on the Saabs United Facebook page. Its interesting when I’ve visited other car makers Facebook pages, I’ve seen a variety of complaints on their wall. Sure, people post their photos and all, but its the negative comments that really stand out. Social media is such a powerful tool, that it can help make or break a company, regardless of what the company is doing/not doing. But, that is the cool thing about Saab’s social media. We love our new models as well as our old models, and each car tells its own unique story. We share these stories everyday with thousands of people. And we need to continue it. But please keep it to the Saab pages. 🙂

Finally, we can welcome people to the family when they do something as small as join a Saab group online, or a Saab club, or as big as buying a new/used Saab. Whatever it is, let’s welcome them in! Its going to take as many people as we can get, to help Saab get a positive image in the future. This is our job now. The administrators have their job, and us fans have ours. Let’s get to it, and see what we can do for Saab’s image!

Let’s Keep Calm & Focused!

I ended up taking a little break from writing about Saab recently, because there were some things going on in the Saab community that I didn’t quite understand, and didn’t want to be part of. Saab blogs were attacking one another, and there were also a lot of accusations going regarding possible incorrectly reported news.

Why was this going on? My thoughts are that people are feeling quite emotional and vulnerable right now, and they’re just venting their frustration. The administrators aren’t talking much about the bids or bidders, and we’re only finding interesting bits of information here and there to report on. We’d all love to give you more news, but we’re not about to make anything up in order to satisfy a need. Instead, we wait like everyone else. While we wait for bigger news to report, we’re working hard to keep the Saab community focused, positive and peaceful.

A positive and peaceful community is what we can do to help the administrators, and the future for Saab. What we say and do online is watched by many people. Many more than we give credit for. Saab is in a very sensitive position right now, and we as a community, could play a potentially major role in making or breaking the deal, even now. The world paid great attention to our rallies in January, and they’re watching us now. Be assured things are moving positively behind the scenes, and trust that Saab is in good hands. We need to keep the focus amongst ourselves, we’ve done what we could to show that Saab was worth saving. The world indeed listened to our voice, there’s no doubt about that!

We did really well too. Saab doesn’t only just have one interested party, it has up to fourteen different interested parties! Many have teamed up to make a more efficient bid for Saab, so there is a potential of 6-7 bids that the administrators will be looking at. I don’t believe a comeback as big as this, has ever happened in the automotive industry. We’re about to show the world a brand new future of Saab. Its history in the making right now.

And guess what kind of parties will be thrown once Saab’s new future is sealed? Let’s keep our focus and get ready to party soon! Its coming.

We Are Saab New England – Saturday 1/21/12 – Watertown MA

Saab Event Tomorrow!

State Nine



Snow is on everyone’s mind here in the Northest. Lucky for us, we all drive Saabs! We only got a light dusting in Boston and are not expecting any additional accumulation between now and Saturday at 9am – the start of the Boston Area Saab Gathering!



We are tremendoulsy excited to see everyone at tomorrow’s event and have some very exciting news: Since Fredrik Aberg is here from MapTun Performance in Sweden, we are offering a Try and Buy Deal on the on-site MapTun Stage 1 Upgrades. Come in and give your VIN#, we will tune your Saab and then allow you to take it for a spin – hold on to your hat! If you are not 100% percent satisfied with the upgrade, we will restore your Saab to its original state. But, we are very confident you won’t want to go back after you experience your MapTuned Saab!



Here are some highlights of this Saturday’s event: 


Tomorrow is a great opportunity to show love and support for Saab, so please join us! If you haven’t registered yet, Click Here to let us know you are coming.



Directions & Time:

Charles River Saab

570 Arsenal Road Watertown MA 02472 

Click Here for Google Map Link

Saturday January 21st, 2012

9:00 AM to 12:00 PM



I can’t wait to see all of you and your incredible cars.  Enjoy the drive and Go Saab!  



Dan DeVlieger
State of Nine Ltd.

P.S. Be sure to check out our New Category of Popular Aftermarket Saab Parts!    














New State of Nine

*Free shipping promotions apply only to deliveries within the continental United States. State of Nine, Ltd is not associated in any way with Saab Cars NA, Hirsch Performance, or Spyker Cars. Prices and promotions are subject to change.  Check www.stateofnine.com for the most up-to-date prices. 

We are SAAB: Flying low over Trollhättan

Ready for departure
What a day! My previous visit to Trollhättan was December 19th and that day completely drained me of all energy. After the press conference, Tim and I ended up at ANA, the local Saab dealer. I reminded Tim that the two year anniversary of the 2010 convoy was coming up… Little did we know that the crazy dutch guys had been thinking the very same thing!

Fast forward to January 13th when Tim called me to ask if I enjoyed flying. “Tim, I love flying, but can’t stand the airports”. He explained his idea and I agreed it was a good one. It would be my first attempt at ground photography, but gotta start somewhere, right? “Be there bright and early!”.

Read moreWe are SAAB: Flying low over Trollhättan

Just Saab Rally-We are many, we are Saab

Our friends at Just Saab had a rally/meet at both of their Just Saab locations over the weekend and saw a great turnout. For those that don’t know Just Saab or AJ Murphy, I have to say that in the US, AJ has been a great contact for me personally and is one of those guys that can talk you off the ledge or bring you up when you’re down. From what I have seen in the Just Saab group, these folks are 100% Saab and are all about their customers. Below is a letter from AJ to all that attended their rally:

Read moreJust Saab Rally-We are many, we are Saab

Our Saab Rally

We received an email earlier today from James McGuire and Julie Gardner with a great read on their combined events that came together on January 14th. This is too good not to share with everyone.

When I (Julie) first heard there were to be worldwide rallies to support SAAB in January I must admit it did not immediately occur to me to host one. Mostly because I knew my dealer principal was set to lose quite a chunk of money on his new car inventory and that the brand was a bit of a sore subject here- quite understandably from his point-of-view. But also because I never did anything like this before. Then the phone rang and my friend, James McGuire, he wanted to know what I was doing to show support. He wanted to host an event because the nearest one at that point seemed to be in Boston. He felt he could get the support of his local dealer, SAAB of Willow Grove (a.k.a.The Great Britains), and I said I would talk to the wife of my dealer principal about the idea. Fortunately, she saw the value to holding such a rally and gave me her stamp of approval. Jim was quite excited about the prospect of doing something in his area too but we were concerned two events on the same day and so close to one another would only take away from us individually. He then came up with the genius idea of meeting individually, but convoying to a third, neutral point by both our groups and a real plan was born.

As we began planning and I spoke to my own club (Central Penn SAAB Club) about support, I was able to find a local supplier for the stickers to show solidarity and pick up a couple of classics from our group to place in the showroom for conversation and general “eye-candy”. I found that we had a few folks who would be happy to attend and got advice on a route for the convoy to avoid traffic and provide a more scenic route. I got the OK to order donuts and coffee for the attendees and made up a flyer to post around the dealership to make our customers aware of our commitment to supporting SAAB post-bankruptcy. Over the next couple weeks I received many emails and had more than a few conversations with service and parts customers regarding the “state-of-SAAB” and where Kelly SAAB stood in the grand scheme of things. The list of RSVP’s continued to grow and soon I had a list of over 50 attendees and 35 cars planning to show on January 14 and show the world what the SAAB brand is all about.

On Friday, January 6, the excitement was bumped a notch when I received an email that Tim Colbeck, President and COO of SAAB Cars North America, wanted to join us at Longwood Gardens, our neutral meeting spot for the two convoys! I actually had to read it twice to be sure I wasn’t seeing things. Would it be OK if he arrived at 2:15? Are you kidding? It would have been OK if he wanted to come at 3am! LOL! I replied that we would be pleased to have him join us and that we would adjust our departure time from the dealerships to accommodate his scheduled arrival. I contacted Jim at once and he was as enthusiastic and excited as me at the honor of having Mr. Colbeck join us. We wanted to alert the press of course but did not want to put him in a situation where GM haters or folks only looking to give him a hard time would attend the event, so decided to keep it under wraps. We advertised a “VERY Special Surprise Guest” to join us and it wasn’t until the morning of the rally that we announced just who the guest would be to our respective attendees.

January 14 arrived and was a cold, windy day with only intermittent sun in Lancaster. Thankfully, no snow was on the ground or forecasted, so even the classics would be sure to make the event. We had a 1974 Sonnett III courtesy of Theresa and Ryan Gamber and a 1978 99T courtesy of John Webber in our showroom as well as the most recent 2011 SAAB 9-5 sedan in Java and a Laser Red 2011 9-3 to show just how the cars have developed over the years. The selection of vehicles that arrived over the next 2 hours showcased all that is amazing about SAAB- from the “Klassisks” like my own 87 900Turbo Convertible, to the 900 3 and 5 door models, to the NG 900, the 9-3, 9-7x and finally the newest 9-5 and 9-4x models, we had them all covered from the last 3 decades. What an awesome sight indeed!

Read moreOur Saab Rally

Thank you all !

What a statement we’ve made!Outside-Saab.com

As one of the guys who mentioned an idea in a skype chat on 20 december 2011 , we did not expect such a massive enthousiasm and global participation. But that was the result.

It’s been a lot of work, for us to keep up with the details of all the events, but also for every party who organized their local event. Without the work of all the local communities this would not have gotten so huge. Thank you all, local organizers and offcourse the participants. What you / we did has been noticed.

We still have the huge task of documenting these events, but that will happen on Outside-Saab.com also. Give us some time to gather and process all the info.

Kind regards, Salutations, Gruessen, Gegroet

The We Are Saab, We Are Many Team
Tim, Stephan, Roger, Nic

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