Saab lives on! Sure, new Saab cars are not being made, but there are still thousands of Saab cars, clubs and enthusiasts active all over the world. The Saab community is strong and we want to show it here at SaabsUnited.

Every user at SaabsUnited is a contributor. Everyone can easily post here. And we want to read about your Saab cars, clubs, projects, meet ups, thoughts and adventures on SaabsUnited.

– These are the kind of posts that we want:

SaabsUnited is a Saab related website, so your post have to be Saab related. You’re free to express your opinion, as long as it doesn’t hurt anyone else, calls names or contains false accusations. Treat others as you want to be treated yourself.

We want to embrace the positive “Saab anda” (Saab spirit) here at SaabsUnited.

You need to post original content. You can’t copy posts straight off other websites. Be sure to credit/link sources. If you upload pictures you must have permission to use them here.

Other than that, all posts are welcome. Let us hear about you Saab project! Do you have a meetup coming up? Or do you have pictures from a meetup? Post it here!

– These kind of posts aren’t allowed:

First of all, ask yourself “would I appreciate reading about this on SaabsUnited?”. If the answer is “no”, then you might want to reconsider your post.

We don’t accept advertising posts (for cars, parts or similar) here. Advertising posts may still appear on SaabsUnited, if we see that they are relevant (for a larger audience), but don’t try posting any ads here. There are other, better, forums for that.

We also don’t accept posts with a payment. SaabsUnited is managed by Svenska Saabklubben, a non-profit organization. We don’t make (or want to make) any money from SaabsUnited.

Finally, respect the opinion of the SaabsUnited moderators. If your post isn’t accepted, and you don’t understand why, feel free to ask the moderator about it. But don’t go ranting or spamming about it in the comments of some other post.

We have a positive relationship with NEVS, Orio and many other Saab related companies, clubs and individuals. This is something that we want to preserve. We reserve the right to delete posts if we consider it necessary.

– How to contribute to SaabsUnited

First you need to have a registered user and be logged in here at SaabsUnited. Once logged in, there’s a black menu in the top of the site. Click the “+ New” and “Post” link there.

Now you can write your post. This is how the post editor looks like:

SU post editor
The post editor at SaabsUnited. Click on the image for a larger version.

Use a relevant title for your post. This is helpful for both the readers and moderators of SaabsUnited.

In the top right corner of the large text field, where you write your post, you can switch between “Visual” and “Text”. The visual mode is easier to use if you haven’t written posts in WordPress (our website platform) before. In the menu above this large field you can add different text formatting, lists, links and so on. If you know how to use Microsoft Word, you’ll be able to use WordPress as well.

Feel free to add images to your post using the “Add media” button. Note that all images are compressed and scaled down to a maximum 1920×1080 pixel resolution. This is to improve the readability and loading times of SaabsUnited.

You can preview your post using the “Preview” button in the top right. This will show how your post will look like at SaabsUnited. Once you’re pleased with your post, select a category below “Categories” and add some tags below “Tags” if you want.

Finally, push the blue “Publish” button in the top right.

– This happens next:

Now the moderators of SaabsUnited will receive an email with a link to your post for review. Note that SaabsUnited is a voluntary operation, so the post review may take some time.

If the post is accepted, it will be published on SaabsUnited and you’ll be notified by email. Be sure to follow and engage in the discussion in the comments of your post. The interaction with other enthusiasts in the comment field is one of the main benefits of posting here on SaabsUnited.

If your post isn’t accepted, you’ll receive an email with a link to your post and a comment from a moderator. You’ll be able to update your post, add a comment (if you want) and submit it again for review.

Our moderators may also do minor updates to your post in regards to spelling, grammar or title relevance.

Feel free to contact us if you have any questions regarding this.

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