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Saab orignal parts by OrioEven though new Saab cars aren’t being made, there are still plenty of spare parts available. It is perfectly safe to purchase, drive and enjoy a Saab car today and for many years to come!

After the Saab Automobile AB bankruptcy in 2011, the spare parts department was made into a separate company (Saab Automobile Parts AB). This company changed their name to Orio AB in 2013.

New spare parts for Saab cars are produced and are made available all over the world. Orio AB covers spare parts for Saab 9000 – Saab NG9-5. Spare parts for older Saab cars are also being produced, primarily by the Swedish Saab Club (Svenska Saabklubben).

Here we’ve collected a list of Saab spare parts providers. These are companies that we have used and/or been recommended by other Saab enthusiasts. We have not been paid by any company and we can’t be held responsible for any listed company. When buying spare parts, always look for Saab Original parts.

Saab car parts & accessories

Orio – the official spare parts provider of Saab cars. Primarily sells through resellers. You can find your closest Saab service center at Saab Original, Find your Center. They have started selling (a limited number of) spare parts to Saab owners in Sweden, Denmark and Finland through a webshop: Saabparts Webshop

Svenska Saabklubben – the Swedish Saab Club have more than 10 000 spare parts available for the classic Saab cars. You need to be a member to purchase spare parts, but an international membership is available for 200 SEK/year (€20). Webshop: Svenska Saabklubben Webshop E-mail: [email protected]

Maptun – originally a Saab tuning and performance company, but now also offers spare parts. Their tuning services are well known and appreciated among Saab enthusiasts. Based in Sweden and ships to large parts of the world. Webshop: Maptun Parts

Hirsch Performance – once the official factory tuning partner of Saab and they’re still highly active. Offers excellent tuning software and hardware through selected dealers. Website: Hirsch Performance

CardYourCar – managed by former SaabsUnited-owner Till Drescher. Based in Germany and offers Saab original parts (through Orio). They also have some exclusive Hirsch tuning products, Saab memorabilia and official SaabsUnited products. Webshop: Card Your Car

RBM Performance USA – an independent Saab parts provider in the US. Offers a wide range of parts, for both classic and modern Saab cars. They also offer tuning products and second hand overhauled (and tested) engines and gearboxes. Website: RBM Saab Parts

Stephan Individual – have been a Saab partner for more than 30 years. Based in Germany and have a wide range of spare parts. They also offer an exclusive range of internal accessories, such as leather door handles, instrument panel etc. Webshop: Stephan Individual

The Saab Site – a long time Saab parts provider, now a part of Orio in North America. A good choice of provider for Saab owners in the US and Canada. Offers parts for modern Saab cars. Website: The Saab Site

Saab Partners – are based in the Netherlands and primarily focuses on Saab powertrain parts (engines, gearboxes etc.). Offers tuning products and parts for a wide range of Saab models. Website: Saab Partners

Schwedenteile – are specialized in Swedish cars since 1999. Offers a wide range of spare parts for both classic and modern Saab cars. Based in Germany and ships worldwide. Website: Schwedenteile

Neo Brothers – an independent Saab specialist in Europe. Based in the UK and offers a wide range of Saab parts and performance solutions, with worldwide shipping. Website: Neo Brothers

Speedparts – another large Saab parts and tuning provider from Sweden. Have been specialized in Saab parts and tuning products for many years. Webshop: Speedparts Sweden AB

eEuroparts – a Saab parts company since 2000, when the founder started selling Saab parts online out of his garage. Has over 15 000 Saab parts, of which 5 000 are genuine parts. Webshop: eEuroparts Saab parts

Saab car souvenirs, memorabilia etc.

Saab Car Museum – the best museum in the world and a great reason to visit Trollhättan (and Sweden). They work hard to preserve the history of Saab cars and arrange Saab car festivals regularly. Has a webshop with unique Saab souvenirs. Website: Saab Car Museum Webshop: Saab Car Museum Webshop

Griffin Models – offers a wide and unique range of Saab scale model cars, from the Saab 92H motorhome and Saab 900 Toppola to Saab NG9-5 SportCombi and Saab Phoenix. Website: Griffin Models

Do you know of any Saab parts provider that we haven’t listed above? Feel free to let us know using the contact page here at SaabsUnited.

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