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Hello Jason –

I wanted to send a couple Saab photos. I was inspired by the SU news of the SAAB sign without the Griffin. Unfortunately I could not get both Saabs by the Griffin sign at the same time and I know they are not the best photos but wanted to send them anyway. The sign is at the local, long-time ex-Saab dealer in Central Illinois (not Chicago). Fortunately, they have kept the sign while erasing all other Saab promotions at the dealership and just sold the last Saab NG 9-5 last month – they started with about 35 new 9-3’s, 9-5’s, and 9-4x’s last year. It was very distressing to see all the cars go and I hope they keep the Griffin sign or I am afraid I am going to have to come home with some more Saab memorabilia, and very large memorabilia 🙂

All the best,
James Noyes

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