Please find attached my candidate for Saab of the Week (or just for general enjoyment!). It’s a 1994 Saab 900 convertible V6 automatic. That it’s an automatic makes sense if I tell you that the original owner (1994-1995) was Heather Mills. I mildly customised it with silver painted windscreen frame and silver mirror housings, two-tone grey+blue seats and door cards, blue floor mats, aftermarket bridge spoiler, Saab rear centre reflector, silver and body colour de-slatted grille with blue alu mesh, silver spoiler vents with blue alu mesh, blue brake callipers and wheel hubs, retro bonnet emblem in blue, blue tinted headlights, and wood veneer ashtray, centre console and switch pack. As you can see, the 16″ wheels, skirts and bumpers are from a (2001) 9-3, with the plastic in a slightly darker shade of blue (midnight versus Le Mans). I had to modify the skirts a bit because they come from a 5-door model. Under the hood I replaced the air box with an open air filter.
Lovely cruiser. Travelled to Europe with it and drove top-down at Christmas Eve.

Hope you enjoy it.

Laurens Wilming
SSO (serial Saab owner)

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