NG9-3 Hatchback Confirmed

Autoblog are at the 2011 Saab 9-4X launch event and they’ve been talking to Magnus Hillerborn, Saab’s Vehicle Validation Engineer. They are now reporting that a a five-door hatch is confirmed alongside the convertible.

The changes are so significant that Hillerborn says he imagines GM executives will be “very surprised” when they see the production car, which is tipped to take design cues from the PhoeniX concept car that debuted earlier this month at the Geneva Motor Show. Hillerborn says that the hatchback will likely be five-door only (presumably a SportCombi wagon variant will follow), though we imagine there are some three-door renderings knocking about in Trollhattan. Hillerborn promises a very sleek and unique hatchback, one that should appeal to traditional sedan buyers as well (read: not bulbous and overtly hatch-like, but more streamlined).

There’s no word on a 3 door hatch or a sedan at the moment, feel free to head over to Autoblog for a read:

With all this speculation, we’re curious as to what everyone here would be interested in purchasing. Sound off in the poll below.

What 9-3 variant would you like to buy most?
5-door hatchback
3-door hatchback
5-door 9-3x
3-door 9-3x
4-door Sedan
2-door Coupe


Auto Motor and Sport photoshop the 2012 Saab 9-3

As part of their big Saab special this week, Auto Motor and Sport commissioned a photoshop artist to draw what they could describe as being the next generation of the Saab 9-3.
Victor Muller has told us that it’s due in 2012, though it’s unclear if that means as a 2012 model (late 2011) or as a 2013 model (late 2012).
The front takes the design language introduced in the new Saab 9-5 to a sharper level and all up, the proportions of this vehicle look very nice indeed.
At the back, you can see the all-important hatchback that’s been longed for by so many Saab fans for so long. Nice rear lights, too.
AMS have pretty good contacts in Trollhattan so hopefully this sketch is based on some really good intel.
Thanks to my Saabs United Historic Rally Team mate, J

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