9-5 < 120 g/km? Yes we can.

Further infos for the 9-5 MY ’12 are beginning to surface. And what the guys in Trollhättan do is incredible.

The people from Ynnor AB have tested today the new 9-5 SpotrsCombi.

First the SC, the rear seats will have 10 -15mm more headroom. They have compared it against the V70, A6 and 5-series, and it seems to perform at least as good.

The interior materials (no photo)have been upgraded for both SC and Sedan.

And now the (new) engines. There will be a 136 hp diesel added to the current 160hp and 190 hp diesel engines. The two smaller diesel will stay below 120g/km (maybe the Sedan only, maybe both).

And now the concluding words from the article.

The world premiere is located at the Geneva Motor Show. Then open the order books and after the summer may be the first customers of their cars.
After some tortuous km outside Trollhättan, one can conclude that the new 9-5 SportCombi has every chance to take back market share in the segment.
It is on par with or better than several of the class’ top sellers on several points. It is a distinctive car with a host of premium features. Merchants guarantee the residual value at lease customers. It will be hot game among families with children in the secondary market, if not already the new vehicle.

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