Pick of the Day taken for a drive.

Last weekend we were blessed with some very nice weather here in the South West of England and Jerry from Astley Saab offered us the 9-3 Griffin Convertible that I chose for my “Pick of the Day”.

As they say it would be rude not to take up an offer like that so on the Saturday I collected the car and we went out for dinner with the family with the roof down.

The thing is, when you don’t own a convertible and you get one for a test drive, you tend to go everywhere with the air in your hair. Even in the darkness. Even to go to the shops. Even to the restaurant.

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New 9-3 SS SE spotted on the road in the UK

During the Wales Golf there were a few new 9-3 Griffins on display. They were there for all to test drive but today I spotted one on the roads of Yeovil. I’m not sure if it was a private one but it was good to see.

One thing I will add, the name Griffin is not being used in our Country but you know what model I’m talking about.

I managed to get a quick, very grainy picture as proof, while sat at the traffic lights. So looking forward to seeing more.


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