The Running of the Mules

Saab has been very active behind the scenes testing various mules in Sweden. Tips have been coming in on articles in other publications showing these latest prototypes, used to test various components of the Phoenix platform. Keep in mind as usual the bodies of these cars are the current models, as these are mainly for testing elements under the hood for the next generation 9-3.

From, an interesting new mule that seems to only be testing front components of the new platform, the rear seems to be from the current 9-3. I have no idea what exactly they get out of testing it this way, but feel free to speculate.

Somethings Marco noted in his tip were:

– New front rims with different bolt system.

– The car was registered in 2009 as a diesel and is currently out of use (according to Swedish authorities).

– No visible exhaust pipes, so is this really a diesel?

– The pics are taken in Arjeplog, Sweden.



And in (english translation), we see a mule using a convertible body. Some of the obvious changes are the wider track both front and rear and the exhaust pipes placed further towards the corners. Also, it’s wearing the same wheels as the sedan above.

UPDATE: more pics at

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