9 things I want to see in the next Saab 9-3

We’ve done this sort of listing before, but not for a while and not with the real genuine prospect of a grass roots model Saab being in development.
It should still be early stages right now, so hopefully Saab might still be able to fit a few of these in.
This is just my own personal wish list. As usual, comments are open for yours…..
Really Intelligent controls.
I’ve lost count of all the things about Saabs that captured my interest when I first came across them. Things as seemingly simple nowadays as split-circuit brakes. They’re possibly not that sophisticated nowadays, but back in the early 1970s they were and even when I read about them for the first time in the early 1990s they were virtually unheard of here in Australia.
Another thing I’ve always loved are the intelligent interior controls Saabs were blessed with. Controls like the cold/hot setting on the HVAC system, which would blow cool air on your face and warm air on your feet.
Then there’s the big chunky buttons on the Saab 900. They looked odd, but they were pure function dictating form. Able to be operated by a gloved hand, they were not only useful, but usefully arranged.
The trend today, of course, is to miniaturise everything. Make it smaller, more multi-functional and compact. I like the button dash of the early Saab 9-3s and I’m not advocating a return to huge chunky buttons, but perhaps a return to the ideas behind that arrangement would be a good thing.

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