SAAB of the week – Ben

We all love a Saab convertible, don’t we? I sure would like one for summer of 2011..!

It’s time once again for SAAB of the week:

Hi, I’m Ben and last year I bough my first Saab, a 1997 900 SE Talladega convertible. It has Saabs 2.0 Turbo engine and the 5 speed manual, Wood grain dash, alloy wheels and leather seats (electric and heated).  Being a 14 year old car there is a list of things that I would like to fix to hopefully restore it to near new condition in the future and have started by replacing the faded badges and decals. I love the details you just done get in many other cars, I can spend hours looking at the little details that make it a Saab, almost as long as I do obsessively cleaning it on the weekends. I love the ignition between the seats and being able to recline the seats back by the press of a button; and then there’s the roof that transforms it into a everyday car, into a weekend sports car. After 6 months of ownership I have no regrets and look forward to many more years of open top driving.

I wish you good luck with restoring your convertible 🙂

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My new 900 convertible (or EnG takes the plunge)

After a disastrous end to my previous Saab 900 Convertible, a white 1988 900 Turbo model (see the end story here), I’ve been searching for my next 900 ‘vert. The criteria were clear: turbo, manual transmission, no 1987 cars, no rust. Good condition and performance goodies desired. I was not opposed to a fixer-upper, but it had to be the right one.
After seven or eight months of looking on-and-off (and considering a couple of 9-3 convertibles and one Jaguar XJS convertible), I’ve found and bought the one that I’ll have for life. Or as long as possible, anyway.
Behold, my new (to me) 1991 Saab 900 Turbo SE convertible.

mike-in-love crop.jpg

As you can see, the 1991 900 Turbo Convertible Special Edition has the lower body kit. What you can’t see is that it also has the “redbox” performance EPC and is lowered slightly vs. the standard turbocharged 900 models. These differences transform the car, especially in the upper revs and on the twisty roads that I may seek out from time to time.
It’s done 137,000+ miles, but the car has been immaculately maintained (thanks, Jon!). Everything that didn’t work was promptly replaced. It’s got a new heater valve, tires, catalytic converter and fog lamps. Under the hood, it’s pretty original. Everything except the cruise control works, including the factory alarm. It even has the original stereo with the equalizer/amplifier upgrade with a 6-CD changer in the trunk.
I found my new 900 convertible on a national auto classifieds web site. Since the car was located in Minnesota I didn’t pursue it right away given that it was 950 miles (1500 km) from my home. After skipping over the car for a couple of months and trying others within reach of my normal travels, I got the opportunity to drive my future 900 while I was in on a rare trip to Minneapolis during the short Labor Day week. I made Jon an offer the next day, and he graciously accepted.
Now that I’d bought a Saab in Minneapolis, how was I going to get it back to Nashville? I briefly thought about having the 900 shipped, but I figured that I could easily drive it home. In fact, the more that I thought about it, it seemed to be a perfect way to spend a mid-September weekend. Why not drive 950 miles across the Heartland in my new convertible? I cashed in a free ticket that I had lying around for a one-way flight to Minneapolis-St. Paul for Friday night. Greg Abbott, regular reader and all-around great guy, volunteered to give me a Saturday-morning ride from my airport hotel up to the western suburbs of Minneapolis to pick up my new Saab. Double bonus: since Greg’s a lawyer (that’s Esq. to you), he helped to reassure the previous owner and me that we’d filled out the title transfer correctly. My photo is also his handiwork.
I loved driving it back from Minnesota, which took the better part of two days. That’s mostly due to the distance, but partly because Greg lined up entertainment along the way. That’s another story that’s coming up soon.
P.S. Anybody want to buy a slightly used 1988 Saab 900 convertible with electrical issues? Call me!
More photos after the break.

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