SAAB of the week – Zeus up

Another Monday and you know what that means: the SOTW

This post requires that you increase you computers volume! πŸ˜‰ (see the youtube at the end)

Here is a copy-paste from Davids e-mail..

Hey guys!

Great work on the site! I’m sure Swade is proud of his successors πŸ™‚

Are you still keen on presenting cars from the community? Cause I recently bought myself a beautiful 1991 900 Turbo that I’d like to show off!

Just to cover the background, I’m David Blumberg (yes the one with the song :P) and as Swade already knows, I’ve been going back and forth between my home in Stockholm and Perth, Western Australia. After 1Β½ years in Sweden I’m now back in Perth (more specifically Mandurah).

New country means new car, and that’s why I found myself a really nice 1991 900 Turbo. It’s the 3-door version (my favourite!) and has just over 175,000 kms on the clock, which is pretty much nothing for this car. Since it’s a 91 model it has the upgraded seats from the 9000 (I’m assuming that’s where they come from?) and it drives just like a Saab should. I bought it of a local enthusiast who has his entire backyard/frontyard and garage full of Saabs, and probably harbours 1/4 of all WA Saabs in there πŸ˜€

I’ve owned a number of 900s through the years, but never the FPT* and I just can’t get over the rush! Just squeeze the throttle, feel the turbo wind up and off you go! Contrary to most Aussies, I’m not a big fan of either Holden or Ford, especially the ridiculously over-styled, late 90s street racers most teens drive around in. This car is so inconspicuous that only the enthusiast knows what sort of power this beast can unleash. So you can just imagine my joy every time I catch the hoons (Aussie reckless driver) off guard at a red light.

I have a habit of giving my cars ridiculous names and this one is no exception. Considering the relentless raw power of this beast and the fact that I get electrostatic shocks every time I exit the vehicle I’ve named him “Zeus”. So if you ever come across this car in a dark alley, be sure to address him appropriately, otherwise the outcome of your encounter might be ugly πŸ˜€

If there are more Saabisti around the Perth area, feel free to get in touch. I’m always up for getting to know local enthusiasts πŸ™‚

I’ve attached a picture for you guys, and thank you for doing such a wonderful job πŸ™‚


David Blumberg – Griffin Up!

On SaabsUnited’s facebook page you will see Davids car as this weeks profile picture.
If you want to submit your own photos and a short story about your car, please feel free to send a e-mail to [email protected] with subject SOTW


* Full Pressure Turbo

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