Press Release: Saab GB Celebrates History of Iconic Model

With the launch of Saab’s most advanced car to date, the all-new Saab 9-5 Saloon and the arrival of the 9-5 SportWagon later this year, Saab is celebrating the history of this range by giving classic 9-5 owners the opportunity to revitalise their car.

Available for 9-5 models dating back as far as 1998, the Saab 9-5 accessories promotion will include engine tuning kits, body kits, alloy wheels, cargo items and more at great prices.   

Renowned for their longevity and durability, Saab vehicles as old as thirteen years are just as reliable as today’s models. Whatever the age, every Saab 9-5 will be able to benefit from an investment in updated accessories.

Designed to ensure optimum functionality, quality and performance, all 9-5 accessories are genuine Saab parts and prices include fitting where necessary.

Saab’s dedicated Owners Area website, an online loyalty club for Saab owners of three years or more, offers members access to all the latest Saab news and offers, as well savings on both parts and labour. The classic 9-5 accessories range is available to view on the Saab GB Owners Area website, visit for more information.

David Leighton, Business Development Manager – After Sales at Saab GB comments: “The 9-5 has always been a well-loved model with Saab customers and we thought it would be a great opportunity to celebrate this classic model with customers by holding a 9-5 accessories promotion.

“Revitalising your car with accessories such as new wheels or fine tuning your engine can really breathe new life into the performance of your car and the driving experience, whilst customising your boot space or adding handy items such as tow or roof bars, can really help personalise your car to suit your lifestyle.

For further information about the 9-5 accessories promotion please visit your local Saab dealership.

My bit:
This offer is also going out to the Swedish Saab Owners too. The dedicated web address to visit is here

Is anyone here scared of Night Panel?

The reason I ask the question in the title to this post is that I’ve seen two articles in the last few days that refer to situations where the author was supposedly called to panic by the use of Night Panel (or Black Panel as it’s referred to in one article).

The first one is on TTAC, by demon driver, Jack Baruth:

This was also the era of the ridiculous “Born From Jets” advertising. To provide that advertising with the barest connection to reality, Saab equipped the 9-3 with the “Black Panel”. The Black Panel was an enormous button that, when pressed at night, cut the illumination to every gauge except the speedometer. The idea was that only critical information would be communicated to the pilot, I mean, driver. If one of the gauges reached a “critical area”, it would light up. Supposedly this was the way LearJets worked. The way it worked in practice:

  • Explain “Black Panel” to passenger;
  • Press Black Panel button;
  • Observe the non-impressed countenance of passenger;
  • Drive for a while in Black Panel;
  • Shriek like little girl when the fuel gauge falls below a quarter-tank and lights up out of nowhere in CRITICAL MODE;
  • Never press Black Panel button again.

And the second one comes from none other than Jeremy Clarkson himself, writing about the Saab 9-3 TTiD in the Sunday Times last weekend:

Oh, Saab is still banging on about the aircraft connection. It fits a button that turns off all the dashboard lights at night, so you can feel like a night fighter pilot. But you don’t really. You just feel as if you might be running out of petrol.

My thanks to Dave R for the transcript of that one.

Returning to the point, however…… Have any of you ever felt this worried with Night Panel on? Are people that unaware of their fuel situation before taking off on a trip where Night Panel might come into play?

I have to admit that it’s been quite a while since I’ve used Night Panel. I tend to use it mostly for longer trips only, and I don’t do many long trips at night any more (I’m usually too busy writing up this stuff). But when I have used it I’ve never been in a situation when I wasn’t aware of the conditions I was driving in (i.e. fuel, etc).

I could understand if you were at the 500km mark of a long trip in the middle of nowhere, but in that situation I’d be keeping an eye on my fuel all the time.

Is it just me, or did these two play up the fear factor for dramatic effect?

Satnav fix for 2003-2006 Saab 9-3

I live a Satnav-free life (in a small city on an island) so this is one of those things that I would never be that mindful of, but some of you are, I’m sure.
Ken H was one such Saab owner and he spells out the problem and the solution below (thanks Ken!).

It’s a fairy well known fact that Saab stopped offering updates for the satnav in 9-3 SS/SC MY 03-06, and hence people with those systems (me included) were stuck without available upgraded maps.
It was rumored that Mazda used the same SDAL DVD for some of their satnavs, but there was never a firm confirmation to be found that this would actually work.
In the end I figured there’s only one way to find out, so I ordered a disc directly from Navteq… And it did indeed work without any problems.
I now have 2008/2009 maps in my system!
Swade here, again…..
This does bring up the usefulness of integrated Satnav in the era of very affordable, portable Satnav that you can take from vehicle to vehicle.
Personally, if I ever had the need for Satnav, I know which one I’d choose.

Mega-specials on Saab Accessories from Saab Australia

I’ve just got a PDF through from Saab Australia and they’re doing some huge discounts on accessories for the Saab 9-3 range during October.
The PDF’s a bit big for me to put on site, but here are the details and if you want a copy of the PDF, just let me know via email and I’ll get one to you.
I never knew paddle shift was an accessory! And half-price on wind deflectors for the convertible sounds good, too.

For a limited time, you can enhance your Saab 9-3 with a range of genuine accessories at considerably reduced prices. There’s a choice of interior and exterior accessories, to
add versatility and enhance appearance.
Saab accessories are designed, developed and tested to ensure optimum functionality, safety and quality – just like the cars themselves.
Burled wood effect trim – Luxurious enhancement for your car’s interior.
Console & glovebox – RRP $690 NOW $495
Console, glovebox & doors – RRP $1,400 NOW $995
(Not suitable for 9-3 Convertible)
Roof racks – Crash, corrosion and UV-tested. Can be combined with other accessories for loading and transportation. Suits 9-3 Sports Sedan only
RRP $295 NOW $249
Bike holder – Made from fibreglass-reinforced polyamide, it mounts to roof rack and is lockable. Requires roof racks. Not suitable for all bike frames; check with your dealer.
RRP $249 NOW $195
Rubber boot mat – Protects carpeting from dirt, water and general wear-andtear. Designed for the luggage compartment, will also prevent smaller items from sliding around. Easy to fit, remove and keep clean.
RRP $195 NOW $149
Scratch protection film – Transparent self-adhesive film that protects against damage to the rear bumper and luggage compartment when loading the car.
RRP $105 NOW $79
Storage box – Keeps small items in place in the luggage compartment. Attaches on the right side. Suits 9-3 Sports Sedan only
RRP $109 NOW $69
Kenwood navigation – Exchange your 9-3’s standard radio with this Kenwood Navigation system. Features Garmin navigation, DVD and CD playback, AM/FM radio, mp3 and iPod integration.
RRP $5,490 NOW $3,990 (inc trade-in)
Paddle-shift control – Paddle-shift functionality allows you to manually select gears without your hands ever leaving the steering wheel. In a silver finish. Suits automatic transmission only
RRP $249 NOW $199
CD storage Neatly integrated in the Smart Slot storage system. Keeps six discs protected and easily accessible. Easy to take with you when you leave the car.
RRP $109 NOW $89
Cup holder – For the Smart Storage system. Conveniently holds one cup or can next to the centre console.
RRP $115 NOW $89
Garmin Nüvi 310 for Saab – GPS navigator with Bluetooth® hands-free capability and detailed maps with voice directions and touchscreen.
RRP $550 NOW $329
Wind deflector – Considerably increase your comfort by reducing draught from behind. Comes with a practical cover and is easily stored in the luggage compartment. Suits 9-3 Convertible only
RRP $995 NOW $495
The prices shown include fitting and are available until October 31, so it’s the perfect time to tailor your Saab to your needs. You can also find more ways to personalise your Saab at
Stocks are limited and at reduced, all-inclusive prices. So call your local Saab Dealer or Saab Central on 1800 50 SAAB (7222) today, to arrange the installation of these Saab Genuine Accessories and ensure compatibility with your model.

Special offer from Saab Australia – Saab Parking Assist for 9-3

I’m very pleased to be able to pass on a special offer from Saab Australia.
They’ve sent out brochures about this to customers via their normal contact methods, but knowing that some people’s details may no longer be correct, they figured it wise to extend the offer via other means as well.
So if you’re an Aussie with a Saab 9-3 Sport Sedan, SportCombi (2003-2007) or a Saab 9-3 Convertible (2004-2007) then please read on and consider this excellent value offer from Saab Australia.
06-36003eu.jpg Whilst your eyes might be immediately drawn to the sexy twin pipes at the back of this 9-3, what you should be looking for is the little dimple you can just see there in the black bumper strip. Click to enlarge if you need to….
That’s Saab Parking Assist. When you put your car in reverse, those sensors detect the proximity of walls, vehicles, etc that might be in your blind spot, and the sensors beep at an increasing rate depending on how close you get to the object. Parking Assist is a genuine help when you’re parking in a tight spot and has helped thousands of people avoid costly repairs to paint and bumper panels.
So what’s the offer?
Saab Parking Assist is normally a $790 option for the 9-3 Sedan and Combi, and an $890 option on the Convertible.
Then you’ve got fitting costs as well, which at 1.4 hours for the sedan/combi and 1.7 hours for the convertible brings the normal total cost to around $1,000.
Until the end of June 2009, owners of 2003-07 9-3’s can have Genuine Saab Park Assist fitted for only $495.00.
Yes, that’s fitted!

That’s a genuine bumper-saving item for a genuine bumper price – around 50% off.
If any of you Aussie Saab 9-3 owners want to take advantage of this offer, just call your local Saab dealer. They should know all about it.
Alternatively, you can call Saab Central on 1800 50 SAAB (7222)

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