Aftonbladet drives the 2010 Saab 9-5

Robert collin from Aftonbladet has been fortunate enough to get an advance drive of the 2010 Saab 9-5.
The review is published in full in a subscription only section of the paper, but Robert has been kind enough to allow me permission to publish a full translation of the review here so the English-speakers amongst us can read it too.
This is a Googletrans that I’ve cleaned up as best I can (though some areas were quite difficult to contextualise). Swedes with an Aftonbladet subscription can click here, or go buy the paper copy.
TROLLHÄTTAN. The new Saab 9-5 is often referred to as “the car to save Saab.” But how good is it really?
ABSaab9-52010.jpg Aftonbladet has the very first report of a test run – and the prototype is promising.
It is comfortable, with fine handling and when you see it without camouflage it has deep-rooted visible Saab genes.
Now Fiat has joined those who want to take over Saab. Common to all suitors so far is that they were in Trollhättan last week where they had a chance to look at Saab’s new models.
They have reviewed the nearly production-ready 9-4X SUV, squeezed on the new 9-5 and had a look at a possible small 9-2. And they have made a trip around Trollhättan with a camouflage-9-5 prototype.
The Chinese business leaders sat back, where they appreciated the ample legroom, while their drivers drove the car. An American had problems with the prototype manual gearbox and tried to run away in third gear with fuming access(?) while others again tested the car’s limits, so that Saab people got a pit in their throat.
Aftonbladet got to test drive the new 9-5 at an early stage – the car will be displayed (to various people?) until September, due to the fact that Saab’s designers wanted to (receive?) comment on the properties.
ABSaab9-52010-2.jpgAnd we can start with the exterior. The car is looking really good. It is a confident Saab-front with a large grill. The windscreen is sharply arched, as in the old 900, and the hidden pillars makes this ceiling appears to hang in the back.
The profile is very special and will quickly become a Saab-typical. The back of the car, which is still heavily disguised on the prototypes, have been in a very marked REAR WINDOW and a tail-gate with a high degree of opening.
Inside, it is orderly and neat and the “cockpit” is even more turning towards the driver than before.
Driving is quiet and safe. On the narrow roads around Trollhättan, it was difficult to bring the car out of balance. The rear wheels do not drop one in the first turn and when the stability system intervenes, it is quiet and undramatic.
Anyone who is familiar with the 9-3 is surprised by the exemplary safe driving and anyone familiar with the current 9-5 will be even more surprised at how quiet the car is. It shares many technologies with the new Opel Insignia, but much is unique and developed in Sweden, including all-new suspension front and rear. According to Saab’s engineers, the crash safety technology is also unique to Saab. “Maybe the best in the world.”
SAAB 9-5
Nice, safe, calm and quiet. It mostly feels right. The shape, attitude and driving. Engineers in Trollhättan, Saab’s roots have been found. Now is to find a serious owners.
Extremely easy to run, with slight understeer and a rear end that never lets go.
Very low noise level makes it easy to talk to people in the back. Fixed suspension, but not shock.
Self-confident, the design reflects in no way the crisis within the company. But maybe the car is the greatest team.
Thanks to Jimmy for the text and plenty of others for the heads-up!

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