Second Drive – Porsche 944 (or…why you should all love and care for your Saab 900 Aeros)

another Swade car-buying post here…..

I first drove a Porsche 944 back in late November 2008. I was quite excited about it back then, though that particular drive helped me decide that if I were going to get a Porsche 944, it would have to be a late model 944, with or without a turbo but definitely with the updated interior.

I’ll let you in on a something I probably didn’t tell you back then. Late last year I was in negotiations with a media company in the US to sell Trollhattan Saab. They expressed interest and I’d spoken with their CEO on the phone. We were at a stage of working out the numbers when I first heard about Saab’s possible separation from GM and subsequent sale to an unknown party. This news made me pause the negotiations, as I had to consider whether I’d want to continue writing under someone else’s ownership if Saab’s situation changed significantly.

Of course, GM announced this as a possibility in early December 2008 with confirmation coming in February of this year. The notion of a website sale and consequent dreamcar purchase went out the window – and I started SaabsUnited instead.


Fast Forward to May 2009……

Encouraged by this car’s undoubted good looks and by the fact that I’d finally saved enough money to buy it, I enquired further about this local car. Our remoteness to mainland Australia means that it’s the cheapest 944 for sale in the country. It was a color I really liked with wheels I really liked. My November test drive was enjoyable, so I figured I’d look further into it.

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One step closer to my Porsche 944

OK, if you don’t give a hoot about my personal comings and goings, skip this article.
I just wanted to let the interested parties know that as of around 20 minutes ago, my Alfa 33 has been SOLD!!!
Alfa 33Good photos and a good car do the trick once again. The buyer tried to knock $500 off the price, but I held firm and got what I wanted, which was $3,750. Considering I’d paid $3,500 for it when it was a filthy mess, I’m pretty happy.
I’ll be very sad to see this little car leave. It’s been an absolute joy to own and drive. But it’s being sold with the noblest of reasons – the acquisition of one of my ultimate affordable 1980’s icons – a Porsche 944.
I’m pretty happy with that. Two cars advertised in the last two months and both sold within a few weeks. Watching those episodes of Wheeler Dealers really paid off!
Now….on to the Saab stuff…….

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