Our Road trip to Oktoberfest ’12

This time last week we were nearly back in England, having covered almost 3,750km, 2,330 miles (in total) across six countries, twice, apart from Sweden.

Oktoberfest was a great occasion as it was last year. The difference this time around was that I had company during the travels. Martin, who will tell you he did 7 countries as he lives in Wales and Nicolas and Amaat from Belgium.

We arrived to a stunning sun set in Trollhättan and were lucky to see a tanker about to enter the top part of The Locks. Then it was a quick visit to the Museum to meet the SU crew and a few other welcome faces. While we were there I had to take a look at the NG 9-5 SW and have a dream.

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The beauty of nature, Saab style


The Saab 9-3SC 1,8t Biopower Biogas by ANA Specialbilar

Some days ago I issued a teaser of an article coming up later in the week regarding the Saab 9-3 Trifuel. Well sorry I could not stick to that promise, but now here is the “more”. And to my defence… It´s still withIn a week 🙂

Oooh, I love talking product!

More after the jump…

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Thursday Snippets

I have a couple of massive work days coming up, so things might slow down a little.


Thanks to all who wrote to me with regards to accommodation in Geneva.

We have double good news to report – it looks like both RedJ and I will be going to the show (there was some doubt about being able to get RedJ a pass, but we’ve had some positive news there) and it looks like we’ve both got accommodation sorted as well.

Again, many thanks to the many people who wrote, offering advice and assistance.


How tough is it selling cars in the northern winter?

Saabs might have great winter driving characteristics and be quite appealing in that regard, but people have got to actually get to the dealership to look them over.

This is New Salem Saab this morning.

They keep plowing and the snow keeps falling. As Darryl said to me just now via email – fun for the boys (his twin sons), not so much fun for business.

I hope these poor conditions can lift soon.


GMInside News report that the Cadillac SRX is getting a 3.6 non-turbo to replace the 2.8T. In fact, the 3.6 might replace the 3.0V6 engine as well and be the only lump available.

Saab will be sticking with the 3.0V6 and 2.8T lineup.

Thanks Charles!


Our mates at ANA Specialbilar are working on a new police car for the Swedish authorities, based on the new Saab 9-5.

Great news!


From Autoblog….where they’re playing with backwards cars.


Saab always have a great looking stand at any motor show, and now their models will be blinging it up a little more with some Saab themed jewellery:

Saab builds on its brand – with jewelry. Specially-made necklaces and earrings to adorn the staff at the upcoming motor shows.

With the help of designer Helen Berggren, Saab has developed a series of jewelry that will reflect the Trollhättan-producer’s identity.

– Together with Helen, we chose to do a combination jewelry with a Snowstar and cow elk in discrete plexiglass colors, “says Nina Bergheim, project manager at Saab Exhibitions & Events responsible for Saab’s profile on the international auto shows.


And finally, this 9-5 Taxi in Stockholm already has 30,000kms on the clock. Pontus L had a word with the driver:

The car was put in traffic in November and until yesterday the driver has made a little bit over 30,000km!! The car have made all these taxi kilometers without any problems or failures what so ever. The driver is very happy with his car and planning to change to the new 95 SC when it is available later this year.

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