Maud receives criticism from constitutional committee

Spyker fought hard, but Maud won -- for now

TTELA reports that Maud has been criticized by the Committee on the Constitution (KU). The committee states that Maud kept important information from other branches of the government concerning Antonov, thus causing unnecessary delays for Saab. Saab wasted several months waiting for government and EIB approval of Antonov’s potential investment in Saab.

As for Antonov, the plot thickens as the Lithuanian chief of the national bank Vitas Vasiliauskas turns out to be the former head of council for the Baltic company LAWIN. On LAWIN’s website, GM Europe is listed as one of their clients. Mr Vasiliauskas has been quite active in building a case against Antonov.

In related news, Pravda recently reported that Snoras was little more than a shell before Antonov got involved and has since been developed into a fully fledged bank with modern Internet solutions and many ATM cash points. I realize Antonov has already been publicly convicted by the Swedish media, but the situation is quite reverse in Russia it seems.

Finally, there is a rumor floating around in various forums that claims Lithuania’s government adjusted no less than seven different laws before they were able to bring charges against Antonov’s bank.

IF Metall: Issues written invitation to PM and meets with Antonov (Updated with news of Muller)

TTela continues to keep close vigil on all things related to Saab and today features no less than two three articles concerning one of the biggest unions organizing Saab employees. UPDATE at the end.

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A Possible Route For Antonov’s Entry – Through GM

Update: According to, Vladimir Antonov will give a press briefing about the situation tomorrow morning, June 30.

I put this as an update to Rune’s post earlier, but it got so big I figured I’d just give it a new post.

According to Dagens Industri, Antonov will take ownership of GM convertible (lost in translation: redeemable preference?) shares. The value of this is reported to be 2.3 billion SEK (about €248 million), but GM is offering Antonov a substantial discount– between 800 and 900 million SEK (€86-97 million).

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