I am missing nationalism (The Swedish government is not like other governments)

Tompa asked me to post the following article from di.se:

I’m missing nationalism

He diqualifies the governments actions when it comes to Saab.

Head of the Automotive components group (FKG) Sven Åke Berglie also think that Minister of Enterprise Maud Olofsson shows uninterest and lacks skills of leadership.

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IF Metall: Issues written invitation to PM and meets with Antonov (Updated with news of Muller)

TTela continues to keep close vigil on all things related to Saab and today features no less than two three articles concerning one of the biggest unions organizing Saab employees. UPDATE at the end.

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Ms Olofsson has met with Mr Antonov

While yesterday it was announced that Ms Olofsson was willing to meet with Mr Antonov. Today SvD Ms Olofsson announced that she and Mr Antonov met yesterday evening.

The Russian financier Vladimir Antonov met Maud Olofsson and set out why he wants to put money into Saab. The meeting took place on Tuesday evening at the department, five days after the government received his letter.

“It was a good meeting. Always good to see people that are so circumscribed,” said Olofsson.

But the rush is not on the government’s decision.

“We are waiting for GM and the EIB,” said Olofsson.

For the ones that prefer TTela.se the article is also available there.

Your Voice Matters

SaabsUnited plays many different roles. For some of us, myself included, it’s an addictive outlet for the latest news about our beloved car company. For industry insiders it’s a way to check up on the state of affairs in Trollhättan. Members of Saab staff come here regularly to see what the public is saying and check the pulse of the community. And given the most recent election results in Sweden, even government officials come here to read about how their constituents view their actions regarding Swedish industry.

Most drivers develop an affection for their cars, but there’s something about a Saab that gets under your skin and endears itself to you from the moment you put the key in its center console. The brand inspires groups of people to drive hundreds or even thousands of miles to be with other like-minded Saab fans, in Sweden, the US and around the world. In times of crisis, we’ve come together and rallied behind a common cause to SAVE SAAB. Now it’s time to do it again.

Many have placed the blame at the feet of the EIB, no doubt since they seem to hold the cards when it comes to Saab’s largest current loan. What hope do a group of individual Saab fans have of convincing bankers to make a decision? Very little, as they’re purposely formed to be independent from the ebb and flow of politics, and to ensure a steady hand on the markets. The real power we have as an entity is to put political pressure on the Swedish government to take an official stance on approving Vladimir Antonov as a shareholder in Saab. This isn’t a drill, this isn’t just to save a novelty car company as many journalists seem to think of Saab, this is about real people, a real city, with a solid and fundamentally sound plan that just need to hear one phrase from their government: “Vi godkänner.”

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