Saab Arctic Adventure: Through Dutch Eyes

Just last month, Saab invited journalists and others to their Saab Arctic Adventure training course on a frozen lake in Northern Sweden., the Dutch car site, has a great account from Thijs, who along with Onno were two readers they brought with. He shows what an incredible experience Saab gives the international media to show off their cars’ unbeatable winter driving characteristics. One of our readers Boris sent in a great translation of Thijs’s tale, and once you’re done reading it be sure to watch the video below. While it’s in Dutch, it’s still pretty funny– between a few near misses on the slalom, to what happens when you anger Rudolph the red nosed reindeer at the end, the humor definitely isn’t lost in translation (and there should be English subtitles available to read along).



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Video: Saab Arctic Adventure

From the Trollhattan blog….

We do this event every year at Saab and it gives us a chance to share our Scandinavian roots. The Arctic Adventure is like entering another world and although it is fun, it is also useful too. Learning how to control a car in these conditions makes you a better driver – and you also get to appreciate just what a Saab car is really capable of.


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