Do Singaporeans get new interiors?

I’ve found a really interesting article on AsiaOne.

Saab sold in Singapore in the first 11 months of 2010 only 13 Saab cars, which seems to be very very low even for Singapore. But those Saab cars were only 9-3’s.

The 9-5 has been presented today in Singapore. It will only be available in two versions, a Turbo4 in Vector trim and the Turbo6 XWD in Aero trim. Maybe Saab can double the figures in Singapore this year with the introduction of the 9-5 Sedan. The 9-4X and the 9-5 SC will also follow this year.

But more interesting than the introduction of the 9-5 in a new market are the pictures in the article of the interior of the car . What at the first glance, looking at the thumbnails, looks like a dirty IP panel, is in reality a new material for the dull mate-black IP fascia.

The pictures seem to be from the Vector trim, and the new material looks like a grey wood structure. It is not easy to define, because those are no studio pictures, but it is definitely a different interior finish.


After reading all your comments, I would like to share some more thoughts about it.

The Geneva Motor show is almost there, and most rumours say that the 9-5 SC will be presented there. Other rumours also say that the 9-5 will be updated in combination with the introduction of the Wagon. If I were Saab, and I had some prototype IP panels, or even production-quality ones, I would show them in Singapore.
This was the introduction of the car in that market, so people maybe doesn’t even know about the IP fascia “problem”.

We see in the pictures at least 2 different cars, a silver one in Vector trim and a white one in Aero trim. The one in Aero trim does even have the sunroof, so I expect it also has the colour Infotainment screen installed.
Unfortunately we don’t have no pictures of the interior of that 9-5 Aero.

I’ve already said, that it is difficult to define the material used for that IP fascia, but it could be some grey wood, like used in the E-Class or 5-Series, or maybe some acrylic material with a colour structure.

Talking about wood, how would this finish fit with the cocoa interior and the amarello wood panels? I don’t know, but if they decide to put wood as the IP fascia, which is the place where I would expect it,the amarello wood should disappear.

BTW, I’m still thinking that those panels should be offered in the K’egg white carbon fibre used on the Trevita cars. At least as an option.

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