Austrian Dealer Tour

The German Dealer Tour is coming to an end, and it seems like it has been a very successful event. Maybe because of that or maybe because the cars are almost in Austria, from next Saturday and during the next Week the country director for Austria Mr. Stefam Mladek and his product manager Mr. Thomas Kraupp will visit all Austrian dealers driving a 9-4x and a 9-5 SC.

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Saab small markets sales data – February 2011

If you have the figures from the other “small” markets, please post them here.


In February Saab sold 44 cars up from 6 in 2011

The YTD value is 97, up from 31 in 2010


74 cars have been sold in Spain in February 2011.
I don’t have the figures but if my math is right, an increase of 57.4% means that they sold 47 cars in February 2011.


Still to be confirmed when the stats come out, but it’s understood that Swiss sales have come in at 65 units for the month of February.

Will confirm when the official numbers come out, but that’s from chatting with Saab staffers here at the booth.

Saab has sold 53 cars in Switzerland, up from 27 last year.

The YTD values are 88 2011 up from 49 in 2010.


9-3: 42 (feb 10: 28) / YTD 175 (’10: 85)
9-5: 25 (feb 10: 6) / YTD 106 (’10: 14)

Total: 67 (feb. 10: 34) / YTD 281 (’10: 99)


29 (4 in 2010)
YTD 58 which is more than 50% of the total in 2010 (102 units) in Austria.


37 car have been sold in Ireland in Feb. 2011 (10 in Feb. 2010)

9-3: 22 (9 in Feb. 2010 )
9-5: 15 (1 in Feb. 2010)

Something is going on in Austria

OK, Austria is not a big market for SAAB. In the years before 2006 Saab sold only about 450-500 cars per year.

Nevertheless Austria is showing the sales figures till the 20th of January, and I thought I could be interesting to see how Saab is performing, at least in Austria.

Let’s look at the previous Years.
Those are the total January Saab sales

– 2004 : 32
– 2005 : 32
– 2006 : 39
– 2007 : 16
– 2008 : 22
– 2009 : 10
– 2010 : 00

And in the first 20 day of 2011, Saab has already sold 16 cars in Austria.

I know that some of you will say that those numbers don’t say nothing, but 16 is also in-line with the last months of 2010, which means Saab is continuing in 2011 at the same level as at the end of 2010.

Saab Austria to run ‘XWD Days’ in February

UPDATE: Extra dates and online registration now available.

Saab Austria have added another weekend to this event, such is its popularity. The original dates were (and remain) Feb 18-20. I’ve been advised that another event has now been added for the weekend before – February 11-13.

Also, the XWD Days website now has a separate page for online registration.



This sounds like a rather special Saab event.

Interested parties in Austria are able to book themselves in to “XWD Days”, which will be run between the 18th and 20th February 2011 at Mayrhofen – Tyrol.

SaabAndee tells me that people interested in going along can book through their local Saab dealer. The XWD Days program will see a number of side activities such as skidoo and sledding, as well as a night in a mountain cottage (other accomm is in a 4-star hotel).

The focus of the event, of course, is the opportunity to test vehicles equipped with Saab’s XWD system in some of the conditions they were built to handle.

The best part is the price, at just 249Euro per person.

The information page is here.

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