Unofficial: Saab PhoeniX concept to appear at the New York Auto Show

From MegH in comments:

Here’s my question. Since the Auto show will be in New York in April, will Saab be bringing the phoeniX to New York given the market demographic Saab has in the greater Tri-State area? I would love to see it in person along with the new SC’s and the Independence Edition of the convertible.

I can, albeit unofficially, confirm that the Saab PhoeniX concept will indeed make an appearance at the New York Auto Show, which begins on April 22 and runs through to May 1.

I emailed Victor Muller about this when I was still in Geneva and he confirmed to me via return email that Saab had plans to bring the car to The Big Apple.

There’s always a chance the car could fall off the back of a boat or something, but I’d take that as reasonable confirmation that the car will indeed be there. I’d encourage as many of you as possible to make plans to see the Saab stand in Gotham. You’ll love it.

Saab at Auto Shows this weekend

There are a couple of Auto Shows starting this weekend and Saab will be at both of them in different capacities.

The Cleveland Auto Show runs from Feb 26 through to March 6 and Saab have set up a pretty good stand at the show. The Saab 9-4x is there. Andy Rupert took the following photo and agrees with many others in saying that the 9-4x looks better in person (as they always seem to do).


The Greater Milwaukee Auto Show also starts on the weekend, running the same dates as the Cleveland show.

I got a note in my inbox from Peter Gilbert, the million-mile Saab guy, saying he’ll be working at the Saab stand on Sunday.

If you were thinking of heading along to the show, consider that an extra reason to get there – I’m sure Peter would love to say hello!

Saab 9-4x at Cincinnati Auto Expo

UPDATE: More photos below


The Cincinnati Auto Expo is coming up, starting February 17th and continuing over the weekend to the 20th.

The Saab 9-4x will be there. Here’s an image shot by the guys at Just Saab and loaded on to Twitter earlier today.

It’s an interesting image in that we’re only seen one white pearl colored 9-4x so far – in the press release about the first 9-4x coming off the line at Ramos Arizpe – and that one had turbine wheels. The 9-4x at the Chicago show was the same silver one that was in LA.

This is the first time I’ve seen a 9-4x other than the black one from Boston, with the six spoke wheels.

Saab will be located next to Porsche at the Cincinnati show, with Chevy and Cadillac across the way.

It’s great to see the 9-4x rolling out in Ohio and I know we’ve got a lot of Ohioans here at SU. I hope you all take the opportunity to head out and see it.



AJ from Just Saab has sent through some more photos. The stand is still being set up, which is one reason why it doesn’t look like a full Saab stand.

The other reason is that this display has been booked, funded and constructed solely by Just Saab. This is not a Saab Cars North America show, but Just Saab wanted to make sure people had a chance to see that Saab’s back. They had to move heaven and earth to get the 9-4x there, too, so I really hope you all go down and have a look at it. It’s a 3.0 Premium model.

Looks great in pearl paint, too!

One man’s review: The 2011 Chicago Auto Show

Peter Gilbert, known to many as the million-mile Saab guy, went down to Chicago the check out the Auto Show there with Jon, his very tall son (6ft 9in). As you might imagine, Jon can have issues finding a car that fits so the opportunity to check out a whole bunch at one is a welcome one.

My thanks to Peter for sending his thoughts through, and some pics, too:


On Friday I drove 90 miles down to Chicago, IL for the first public day of what is deemed the largest US auto show of the year. The 1,000 vehicle display was so large this year that it was split up into two gigantic halls.

Naturally I wanted to go to the Saab stand first, but how could I resist a white Porsche Panamera which was adjacent to the Saab stand? One great plus for SAAB was the way their logo, in big white letters was twice displayed up high in white, close to the black, open architecture ceiling. More prominent than any other marque, one could not miss it.

Then, all of a sudden, the stand hit me with that white, Scandinavian simplicity. There were 8 cars displayed, including a silver Hirsch 9-5, with their big, black logo filling the door area. There was also a 9-3 in the same livery. I loved the transparent Plexiglas cabinet in the center, which had green leaves blowing around inside, as well as the display blocks embedded in the white floor. Kudos to Saab for such a beautiful display. The soft padded, white chairs were the icing on the cake.

I was so engaged showing my son the 9-5 for the first time, that I did not notice the 94-x until he had tried the 9-5 on for size. Being above average size, we were at the show to criticize all relevant vehicles for his wife and new baby. So the four of us were test-sitting in a lot of SUVs and crossovers. Unfortunately the 9-4x was locked because it is the only one in the country, but Jon realized that we could check out the same dimensions when we later sat in the Cadillac SRX.

The Hirsch 9-3 was different from the other 9-3s because of its special grill, and very practical carbon fiber clad, rear-sill which looked outstanding. I was really impressed with the look of the 9-3 Combi and convertible, in white which I have never seen before. Apart from the silver 9-5 there was one in Fjord Blue which was more unique than the average color that one would see from other manufacturers.

Review continues below….

In particular I liked the flat bottom steering wheel which was not only on the Hirsch but also the Aero models. A couple of weeks ago I suggested that Saab have a heated steering wheel, like the Panamera. I since learned that a dealer lost a Saab sale to Mercedes just because of that. Later when we checked the Buick stand the new Verano, which is coming out soon, also offers one. It would seem that some bits could be used from the GM parts bin to make this easy for our cold hands.

As we sat in the competition one point became apparent: The biggest in the range is not necessarily the biggest in driving position; the Audi Q5 is better than the Q7; the Chevy Equinox is more friendly than the Escalade; the Subaru Tribeca is outdone by the Outback. As a point of interest the 9-5 has now surpassed the Volvo S80 as the roomiest sedan from those Jon had tried in the past.

Most interesting was the fact that nearly every car had similar head clearance with a sunroof but the 9-5 had awesome leg-room. When we checked the SRX as a surrogate for the 94-X we were very satisfied with the accommodations. I could not help but notice my bias towards the 9-4x in the execution of its design. It just looks better and has a more refined dash, so much so that having seen the Audi I was thinking about what Victor Muller said about interior design at the Ohio SOC. I think we are almost there. Also the rear of the 9-4x is less oblique and would possibly have more interior cargo space.

I mentioned some of the engineering oddities. I saw the Ford Transit Van, which looked so functional, if not a beauty queen. It was displayed as a van, a taxi and a kind of min-van, with one caveat. It had enough head room for Yao Ming with ease, but the leg-room was so dismal that it looked like it was built for Toulouse-Lautrec in a 10-gallon Stetson. For marketing mistakes, I was shocked that most of Audi’s cars were locked-up, except for the Q5, Q7 and A4.

Subaru, which are generally well engineered, surprised me with their Forrester. They went to all the trouble of building-in electric heaters at the base of the windshield to heat up conventional wiper-blades with the metal clips that ice-up, when all they had to do was install Bosch Icon style blades (which I use all the year round anyway).

Returning to Saab, the driving position of the 9-5 and the SRX was very similar. Sitting in the car at the show is not the same as bouncing around on the real highway but when the 9-5 Combi hits the scene in August that could be the choice for my new Granddaughter to ride around in.

Chicago Autoshow

UPDATE III: Tonight there will be the “First look for Charity” taking place in Chicago. It will start at 7:00pm CST.
I’m going to bed, but here is a live-cam of the Saab booth.

UPDATE II: Saab 9-4x

UPDATE: Hirsch US début.

Today started the press days of the Chicago auto show. On Friday the show will be open to the public.

I don’t know if SaabNA is there or if a dealership of the Chicago area has stepped in, but Saab will be there in a 7.856 sq ft (~711 m²) display surface.

From the Chicago auto show site you can see that the 9-3, the 9-3X and the 9-5 will be on the booth. They will be placed between Jaguar/LR and Mini, which is not bad imho.

Here is the floor-plan.

Looking at the media schedule, it looks like Saab is making no press presentation.

If anybody is going there, feel free to send some photos. have a first set of photos of the Saab booth.

As Chris says the 9-4x is also on the booth, as well as Hirsch modified Saabs.

Here some footage from the Saab booth live cam.

yes it is a 9-4x, and yes it looks good from this angle.

Sunday Night Snippets – motor show edition

A mate of mine in Sydney has posed an interesting question…..

As my brand new 93 2008 Bio-Power reaches 37,500 km service I wonder how many running hours the engine has actually done.

Driving in traffic in a big city (Sydney), I am conscious of idle time and change my oil every 7,500 kms.

Being a boat enthusiast, running time is monitored through a hour counter.

Buying a second hand car is difficult at the best of times, but knowing engine hours as well kms travelled would assist in pricing and help with servicing intervals, I’m sure.

The obvious question is whether or not people would find them of interest, and why don’t car companies fit them?

Thanks Ferd!


Motor shows have been happening here, there and everywhere.

The Brussels Motor Show was on a few weeks ago now, but a Saabnut from Belgium named Jim wrote in to thank his dealer for taking him along to the show. Jim’s dealer took him there in a new Saab 9-5, from his dealership in Herentals and at the show, they toasted Saab’s future success.


The Portland Auto Show was on in Portland OR, last week and Luis V cleaned up his car (I like a show of pride prior to a car show trip) and drove down to Portland to check out what the show had to offer.

This was no small effort as Luis lives a few hours away and as headed into the show hall, he was under the impression that Saab wouldn’t even be there.

As you know, Saab are picking and choosing their auto shows this year and the national body is only supporting a few larger shows with official displays.

Luckily for Luis, Garry Small Saab jumped in and provided a Saab display at the show.

They had six cars on diplay, two 9-5s (Black and Java), two Saab 9-3 sedans, one 9-3 SportCombi and one convertible.

Great to see a dealer stepping up to the plate like that. Other dealers contemplating it should know that it certainly makes a difference. This appearance made Luis’ day!


I wish I’d known earlier so I could spread the word, but the Washington DC Auto Show was on over the weekend, too. I think it finishes today.

Seems like Saab are there, as well. From Flickr.


Many of you won’t understand a word of this video, but the pictures might still be of interest. Here’s the immaculately clean underside of a Saab 9-5 Aero.


Saabs at the Montreal Auto Show

The Montreal International Auto Show is on from the 14th to the 23rd January (which means it’s on right now) and Saab ARE present at the show.

They have six cars at the show. 2 x 9-5, 1 x 9-3x, 1 x 9-3 SS, 1 x 9-3 Aero XWD, 1 x 9-3 SC. Unfortunately, there are no 9-4x’s on display (the black car is in Detroit and the silver on is in Brussels).

Simon M attended yesterday and sent through the following photos:

Montreal Show Saab

Montreal Show Saab

Montreal Show Saab

Below is Jean-Philippe Garcia, one of the reps on hand, from Saab Laval.


The Saab display wasn’t too far from the GM show, but kept some slightly more highbrow company with Rolls Royce located next door. Vehicles were locked, but representatives were on hand to unlock them for people who asked.

Apparently a lot of the visitors were pleasantly surprised to see Saab at the show and the representatives on hand were getting to answer a lot of questions.

If you’re in Montreal but haven’t got a glimpse of the new 9-5 or 9-3x yet, then you’ve got until the 23rd to see them at the motor show.

Saab 9-4x to make European debut in Brussels(?)

I’ve included a question mark in the headline as it hasn’t been fully confirmed yet, but I’ve received some indications that the Saab 9-4x might make its European debut at the Brussels Motor Show, which is on in January 2011.

I received this info third party from someone in Belgium. An email seeking some confirmation from a contact of my own drew what’s best referred to as a winking non-denial 😉

So…. not definite yet, but if you’re in the region then pencil in the 15-23 of January next year as what is quite likely to be your first opportunity to see the production version of the Saab 9-4x for the first time.

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