The 9-4X Review I Would Have Written

UPDATE: I’m issuing a challenge to all SU readers., inspired by Saab Dealer Chairman Kurt Schirm in comments. Go over to autoblog and counter any negative impressions you might see on the 9-4X article– false info, idiot commentary, you name it– by writing your own comment there. I’d almost rather see you comment there than here this time around. You first need to sign in with either an aol, facebook, google, or twitter ID. Vote up or down depending on whether or not you agree with the comment. Then my biggest request, make a comment in support of Saab, not just a “I LIKE SAAB! GO SAAB!” comment, but something more than one sentence, why you agree with the author and think that Saabs deserve a shot on CUV consumers shopping lists. Do you like the interior? The price? The blue tinted LED headlamps? Let’s make this the most commented article ever on Autoblog. I’m serious.

As you know, I wasn’t able to make it to the 9-4X review in D.C. last week due to work conflicts. That doesn’t mean I won’t have the chance to review it very soon, and do an even more in depth piece on it. However, I really think Chris Paukert at Autoblog has written the fairest article about the 9-4X that I’ve yet seen. He balances the precarious situation Saab is in while being optimistic about the company’s chances. He nails the description of the driving dynamics and even rightly criticizes where the interior falls flat in its black on black styling (while hoping that the lighter interiors with wood grain come across better, they do Chris). All in all, it’s about as close to the review I would have written (though much shorter 😉 ) had I been given the chance to make it to D.C.

Check it out. Be sure to take a look at the gallery, it has some of the clearest and best images of how the 9-4X looks in real life. Notice that while the interior is quite dark, when it’s outside in the daylight the reflective bits do a fair bit to compensate. While you’re at, police the comments thread and make sure this car gets a fair shot. Of all the reviews online, this will probably be the one most read by prospective Saab customers as Autoblog is far and away the biggest car news site on earth.


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