Swedish Television examines the controversies around Saab — part II

As Tim reported a few weeks ago, Swedish television have explored part of the story of what went on in 2011 concerning Saab. The program can be viewed on svtplay.se and parts of it is in English.

I won’t go into details, but some quick notes to follow:

Most of what was revealed has been reported here on SU before, but tied neatly together to present a more fleshed out picture of the situation.

Victor gave the reporters full access to his e-mail archive and there was a significant change in the way SweGov communicated with VM after Saab asked for approval of Antonov. Prior to the crisis, Victor was invited to the 50th birthday of a SweGov official (Hans Lindblad), and afterwards all he got was “your official contact with swegov is nn”.

Hans Lindblad figured in the talks between Geely and Guy Lofalk

Read moreSwedish Television examines the controversies around Saab — part II

Meeting with Antonov Shows Progress

In a quick update from TTela, Bo Lundgren who runs the Debt Office said that his meeting with Vladimir Antonov went well, and that a decision should be reached within days.

The meeting of the National Debt Office and Vladimir Antonov is just finished.

According to sources TTELA the meeting have been completed with positive impressions.

“We have asked questions and we have received answers,” said Bo Lundgren at the Debt Office.

Today’s meeting focused on the ownership process.

“We have discussed the background and what Antonov’s ambitions are if he becomes an owner of Saab,” said Lundgren.

“Now we have had this meeting, though we wished to meet sooner. Next, we will sit down and evaluate what we take for their own decisions and also provide a support to the Government for their decision.”

According to the National Debt Office Bo Lundgren should hopefully be able to decide within days.


Keep in mind, we’re trying to report as much good news as possible, wherever we see it. These are not easy decisions to reach, though conceptually they might seem so. There are numerous details to be worked out, and any one of them can delay the process. We’ve seen this already many times in the last few weeks. Victor, Vladimir, and their teams are working feverishly on parallel tracks to ensure that production is started as soon as possible. Once the meeting is held tomorrow (in 11 hours or so) we’ll try to wrap up and report on what has been discussed, so we can continue to keep everyone in the loop. If there’s any more news tonight, we’ll update this post. Keep it nice in comments, everyone 😉

Saab will make it through this, and this meeting between Lundgren and Antonov reconfirms this. Patience is something the Saab community is short on, no wonder why we love turbos so much.

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