More Saab 9-4x from Boston

John McF went along to the New England Auto Show today and emailed me the following:

The Saab stand was quite a lively place tonight. I was very impressed with the amount of people flocking Saab. I am biased but I would say it was the most impressive display at the show.

And yes, we have a few photos as well of the black Saab 9-4x.

The 9-4x looks great and it’s fantastic to see Saab bring their beautiful Saab stand to the New England show.

Thanks to John for the info.

Saab 9-4x at New England Auto Show

The New England Auto Show is on right now (Dec 1-5) and the Saab 9-4x is there, in black!

Luxvelocity was there and had a lot of kind things to say about the 9-4x and the Saab stand in general.

When Colleran was done speaking, the sheet was pulled off to reveal the all new SAAB Aero X concept inspired SAAB 9-4X. My initial thoughts when seeing the car in person was that this new SAAB is incredible sleek, sporty, and aerodynamic looking. It is a SAAB 9-5 in a mide scale luxury SUV package.

OK, the Aero-X and 9-4x bit is back to front, but you get the message….

The SAAB display in itself was the star of the New England Motor Show and did not differ too much from the LA display. Walking into the display made you feel like you were walking into a world of SAAB and the display had so much personality.

The Saab stand is indeed a beautiful thing.

I hope some of you get along to the New England show and see the Saab 9-4x for yourselves. As always, it’s much better in the metal.

Boston Globe test drive the Saab 9-5

This is one of the bigger reviews for Saab. It’s not Car and Driver, or MotorTrend, or any of those big buff mags. What it is, however, is one of the biggest publications in one of Saab’s biggest markets – The Boston Globe.

One great point about the review is their coverage of the campaign waged by enthusiasts to support the sale of Saab. It really emphasises the point that this is a company that was worth fighting for. The new Saab 9-5 is the first reward for that fight.

……when GM said in December that it would “wind down” Saab after failing to sell it, they couldn’t issue another press release and walk away. Saab dealers had become used car lots as GM halted production. Saab loyalists were furious.

Through their rage in the media, protests at GM headquarters, and outpouring of support to local dealers, Saab fans convinced GM to allow a proper sale in January to Dutch-based Spyker Cars.

The review comes out quite favourably for the Saab 9-5, too, although I wish the author had concentrated a bit more on the 2011 range than on the 2010 car he was driving. The focus on what is a very short model year takes some of the shine off the car as a potential drawcard for customers in the Boston market.

Some other snippets…..

Now that it’s here, the 2010 9-5 is a modern, distinctive luxury sedan. The blacked-out pillars, angled roofline, turbine fan wheels, and blue-tinted light surrounds create an elegant form. Green interior lighting dresses up the trademark “egg crate” vents and sleek driver-oriented dashboard…..

…..When you’re not manhandling it, the 9-5 feels quiet and unobtrusive. Directional stability and rain-sensing wipers were top-notch as I forged through a heavy storm, following a convoy of journalists from the Poconos. I was one-handing the 9-5 as it got pelted and drenched, tuning the radio to country and sinking into the firm, ventilated seat. This is the only time I’ll say this, but there’s no chance I’d have traded it for my colleague’s Corvette ZR1.

Click here to read the full article at the Boston Globe.

And well done to my good mate at Charles River Saab, Pierre Belperron, for setting up the test. Good pro-active stuff!

Saab 95 – “Ol Blue” with Saabo in tow

It’s with great pleasure that I’m showing you these images today. These are from Swedish Car Day, which I was fortunate enough to attend a few weeks ago in Boston.

As with the Saab Sonett V4 that I showed last week, the Saab 95 below is owned by one of the technicians at Charles River Saab. His name is Peter Maitland, and once again, it’s nice to know your tech loves the brands as much (or more) than you do!

And just like Ralph’s V4, this Saab 95 and Saabo won an award at SCD – Best in Show! You’ll see why below.


Ol’ Blue is a 1968 Saab 95 purchased by Peter Maitland in 2002 in Butler PA, while Peter was working for Saab Cars USA. The previous owner had the car nine years and had only driven it 100 miles! Prior to that, it was owned by Jack Ashcraft in Oregon, where it had been driven since new. Under Ashcraft’s ownership, the 95 had been repainted once, the original Husar Blue, and the interior had been reupholstered.

1968 Saab 95

Improvements that Peter has made include installation of a Jack Lawrence high output motor and induction system (good for 120 bhp), Deluxe model dash and gauges, new wiring harness, wheels, rebuilt Sonett transmission (selected for its taller gearing), striping and decals on its flanks, front air dam and an XM radio tucked away in the glove box. Peter has driven the car 50,000 miles (true total mileage on the car is unknown), including to the 2004 Saab Owners Convention in Washington state. It was on the return trip east from that SOC that Peter stopped in Iowa to purchase his Saabo.

Read moreSaab 95 – “Ol Blue” with Saabo in tow

Boston TV Saab story now online

Earlier in the week I wrote about a Saab story done in Boston, featuring my mates at Charles River Saab. It’s about the rebound in the car industry and the cult of Saab, so it should make for some good viewing.

Click here to watch it.

As a bonus, there’s also a separate story on electric cars, featuring Boston Power, the company providing the battery technology that Saab are using for their test fleet in conjunction with True Electric.

Click here to watch that one.

Thanks to Pierre for the tip!

Charles River Saab to be on Boston TV this week!

My mates at Charles River Saab are quite possibly going to be on TV this week.

….it’s a spot which was filmed late spring by WCVB television in Boston. They had been out here a few times during the “SAAB is Dead” and “SAAB lives again” moments to do some quick stories, and their evening magazine show came by to do an extended piece on us as part of a broadcast where they chronicled dealers who are closing (Saturn, et al) and those who have new lease on life.

Not sure if the broadcast can be viewed in real time but I bet the segment will be available on their website

All you Beantown types, keep an eye out for it.

The show is scheduled to air on Wednesday, September 8th at 7:30pm on Channel 5.


Also another bit of news from CRS.

Images of our mate Till72 came to mind when I arrived at CRS a few weeks ago because like him, they had a Saab 9-3x with some significant advertising on it.

Sadly, the car was hit by a rental truck late last week, resulting in some significant damage to the car.


I’m advised that they’ll most likely have the car repaired, or if not, then another will be ‘wrapped’ in its place.

Good thing, as I think it looks fantastic!

Swedish Car Day – Saab Sonett V4

I’m going to feature a couple of the award winners from Swedish Car Day, held last weekend in Boston.

If you were getting your Saab serviced, wouldn’t you feel a little reassured knowing that your mechanic is as big a Saab nut as you? Or maybe even a bigger one? Such is the case at Charles River Saab, where a couple of the mechanics took away prizes in various classes.

And don’t make the mistake of thinking the awards were an inside job – one look at these cars and you’ll see the quality. There were plenty of great cars at Swedish Car Day, but the two that I’ll show you over the next day or so were worthy winners.

The first of the two cars I’ll show you belongs to Ralph Bockoven, one of the techs at CRS. It’s a 1968 Saab Sonett II V4 and whilst it looks sweet in virginal white, this car is far from innocent.

Ralph bought the car in 1989. It was far from the showpiece you see today and despite the low 58,000 miles on the clock, Ralph got it for a bargain $1,000 from a very sick owner who hadn’t had the time to restore it (the owner actually passed away the day before Ralph came to pick it up).

Read moreSwedish Car Day – Saab Sonett V4

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