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I’m sure that many people have heard that Saab Australia has gone into administration. However the implications I don’t think are widely known at the moment, so I thought I’d share.

Saab Australia was handling parts supply in Australia, and their warehouse has the parts supply. When they went into administration the administrators locked up the supply and are trying to find the highest bidder to buy the whole lot at once. So currently those parts aren’t available to be purchased by the general public as individual parts.

Now we know that Midlren’s will be taking over from Saab Australia, the problem is that they have no parts. There is currently a container load of parts on a boat between Sweden and Australia, once it’s here there will be parts, but until then there is nowhere to buy parts from in Australia.

Sit tight, parts are on the way…

We are many, We are SAAB: Australia

Here’s the reports on the We are many, We are Saab Australian events.


We met at Saab Salvage and chatted about all things Saab. Steve from Saab Salvage also organised a morning tea for us. Here are the Saabs at Saab Salvage.

After about an hour those of us who could go on the drive headed off to Pie in the Sky in Cowan. Where we met up with some people along the way. Here we are waiting for the Ferry at Berowra Waters.

All in all about 16 Saabs showed up to support Saab, and we all had a great time too.

More photos at Phil’s Flickr account


Here’s Mark’s report on the Adelaide event.

We only had a small rally here in South Australia.

It began at Ikea at 8.45 am for breakfast. Proceeded to Adelaide Saab (South Australia’s only Saab dealer) at 11.30 am. Coincidently Adelaide Saab has a Mahindra dealership next door and there was an almost new 9-3X on the lot. Very strange.
Anyway we proceeded to the National Motor Museum at Birdwood, arriving at around 12.15 pm. By then it was getting close to 30 degrees Celsius. We had a tour of the Motor Museum before taking a few photographs.

BTW there is a white 1986 5 door Saab 900i in the Birdwood Motor Museum.


Here’s Alex’s report on the Melbourne event.

This morning (15th) the Melbourne event was held at Albert park lake , where the Melbourne F1 race is held. This was a meeting point for 24 Saab owners and families , who drove their cars to the lake side car park , Saabs included a brand new Saab 9.5 Aero and a 9.3X, and a range of Saabs owned by a group of dedicated supporters added our voices in support of Saab

Photos can be seen here[email protected]/sets/72157628874179011/

Australian Convoys – UPDATED

As apart of the worldwide “We are many, We are Saab” events, there will also be a convoys in Australia, and the Australian convoys will likely be the first of these convoys (because of timezones).

Sydney – Updated
The Sydney, Australia convoy will be on January 14th starting at 10:00 AM, meeting at Saab Salvage in Riverstone, for details on the route see this map

After meeting at Saab Salvage, having a chat, and taking some photos, we will drive to Pie in the Sky at Cowan on the Old Pacific Highway for Lunch.


The Adelaide event will be on January 15th. And is being organised by Mark.

Read moreAustralian Convoys – UPDATED

Saab on Amazing Race Australia

As a fan of The Amazing Race it was great to see them using Saabs when they were in Sweden during the last season. Now I’m watching the first season of The Amazing Race Australia, which I recommend to any Amazing Race Fans.

In the latest leg the teams find themselves in Port Elizabeth, South Africa. Those of you who have been avid followers of SaabsUnited for a few years, do remember the link Saab has with Port Elizabeth, South Africa?

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Saab Car Club of Australia National Event

Over the Easter Long weekend (which was 5 days long this year) the Saab Car Club of Australia held its national event. The event was held in Coffs Harbour in New South Wales and its surrounding areas.

The weekend began with dinner and drinks on Friday night, as most had driven to Coffs Harbour that day.

Saturday was a river cruise on the Nambucca River from Nambucca Heads to Macksville. It was a chance to catch up with Saab club members from other parts of Australia we don’t normally see very often. Along the cruise our guide informed us of many facts about the river and the towns on the river. One that we’ll remember for a while is that oysters take 4 years to reach the stage at which they can be eaten! Saturday afternoon was left free to clean and prepare cars for the Concours D’elegance.

Sunday morning was the Concours D’elegance, in total there were 12 cars on show, there were 4 trophies for the Concours and many had been busy cleaning their cars the day before and that morning. Here’s a photo of the cars on display and the trophies.

On the Sunday night we had a dinner and the winners of the trophies were announced, here they are

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Saab Typos

In my searches around the interwebz for Saab news relevant to Australia (Saab Australia are running Saab 9-5 press days yesterday and today) I came across an amusing (well amusing to me) typo.

The Sydney Morning Herald have posted up a gallery for the 2011 Saab 5-9.

Have a look at the Sydney Morning Herald website or there’s a screenshot after the jump

Has anybody else seen any other amusing Saab typos/mistakes out and about?

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Australian Saab Sales 2010 and 2011

I’m just wanting to let you guys know what is happening Down Under in terms of sales. I’ve just got my hands on the new car registration data.

In March the following was reported

  • Saab 9-3: 12
  • Saab 9-5: 5
  • Saab 9-3 Convertible: 7
  • Total: 24

That’s 24 cars for March, and the current year to date is 24 (so no sales in January and February). Last year after March the year to date sales was just 1.

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