Thursday night snippets – auto-merry-go-round edition

Greetings all – had your fill of 9-5 stuff yet?
Not to worry, as there’s a good comprehensive summary coming later.
If you’re looking to see more from the Saab Days celebrations held in Trollhattan last weekend, out mate Etienne has 100+ photos over at his Saabhuy blog.
Check this out – Saab 95 with a 92 nose!
I guess BAIC can kiss their Opel dreams goodbye once and for all.
From the GM Social Media Newsroom:

“We had a good and thoughtful discussion around the key operating metrics and key issues associated with the three final offers we received on Monday evening”, said John Smith, GM’s chief negotiator for the sale of Opel. “We have agreed to continue detailed talks with both Magna and RHJI to secure Opel’s future.”

That’s three final offers and negotiations with two parties.
The long-running (family) fued between Porsche and VW seems to be coming to a conclusion, with the head of Porsche, Wendelin Wiedeking, taking his keys and heading home.

Porsche CEO Wendelin Wiedeking and finance chief Holger Haerter will leave the company immediately, the German sports car maker has announced…..
Mr Wiedeking, who lead the charge in Porsche’s ill-fated takeover attempt of Volkswagen AG, has accepted compensation of 50 million euros, the company said in a statement.

There wss a time when many advocated Porsche taking over Saab, including me.
Count your blessings, I guess.
Another familiar name on the move is GM Designer, Brian Nesbitt, and this one’s quite intriguing.
Nesbitt is moving from being the VP of GM North American Design to being the head of Cadillac.
Not the head of Cadillac design, but the #1 chief head honcho and grand poobah of the entire Cadillac operation.
He’ll report directly to Bob Lutz and in taking the position, he makes Steve Hill and (former Saab head) Steve Shannon a little redundant. It’s not known where these guys will fit in now.
Anyone in or near Indiana feel like looking into a Saab 9000 Aero, painted in what it’s owner thinks is Lightning Blue?
Clicky Clicky
Needs a fuel pump, but could be worth a look.

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