“Everyone will want to have a Saab”

This headline is a quote from an Interview that Zamier Ahmed did with ttela. A rather good interview because it has some questions asked in a way I would have done. Not all in this is interview is new to us but some parts are very interesting and open a view on the investment strategy of Brightwell. I’ll stick to the things that I found to be of particular interest for us, if you want to read the complete piece head over to ttela.se. Be careful with googletrans, it flips the sense more than once in here.

Much is currently confidential because negotiations are ongoing, but Ahmed can confirm that the company has not changed its approach. On the contrary:
– We will place a bid, but we want to do this right. It requires many analyzes, and Saab is a huge undertaking.
At the same time you eager to start production and believe that after completing the deal the timeframe two months is not unthinkable.
– As I said before, we want to start as soon as possible. The supply chain is not intact right now, but we will of course ensure that all parts of Saab are working. Our goal in all of our investments that they will come to great success in the end, and in this case, this requires that everyone is happy, says Ahmed, who confirms that Brightwell also interested in Saab subsidiary Parts.

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Brightwell Holdings BV – Who are they?

After posting about Mahindra the other day, it is only fitting to now do a post on Brightwell. I have attached a bunch of links too if you would like to read more for yourselves. Brightwell was established in 2006 as a private investment company that makes global investments in the energy and environmental technologies, transport technologies and services and innovative technology solutions and services fields. Like Mahindra in the way that they are involved in many different business ventures from manufacturing of computer products to building ships and boats. Brightwell is a worldwide network consisting of financial and strategic investors that make them better positioned than most to evaluate investment opportunities from the economic, technical and political perspectives. When you do a search online of Brightwell, you won’t find a Wikipedia link to list all of their companies or their net worth which probably is similar to most private investment companies. It is important then to look at their leader to get a better understanding of who they are.

The leader or CEO of Brightwell is Alphan Manas. Looking at this man’s credentials is like writing a book. He was born in 1962 in Izmir, Turkey. He attended Aegean University where he graduated with a degree in Textile and Apparel Engineering. He then received a Master’s degree in production management from State University of New York in 1987.

He has worked as a Production Manager in New York for Tenba. He returned to Turkey in 1987 as Country Manager of the Colonial Corporation, a subsidiary of a Fortune 500 apparel giant, Vicks Corporation and supplier to American department store chains such as Sears, K-Mart, JC Penny and Wal-Mart. In 1988, he co-founded Exim followed by Planet and Teknoser and then gathered them all under the flagship of a holding company, Teknoloji Holding in 1998. In February of 2006 he parted ways with his partner and established Brightwell Holdings BV in the Netherlands, so as much as 2006 makes it look like Brightwell is relatively new, looking at the CEO and his history would show you that Brightwell may be a young company, but the CEO behind it has been around the block and knows what he is doing. Alphan’s role at Teknoloji had been that of “Business and Market Development”. His most successful venture with Teknoloji was that of a licensed sports betting project where he acted as project leader until they sold their 20% stake in 2005 for 400 million USD.

Alphan Manas has participated in several important infrastructure projects in Turkey at the government level and assisted in the drafting of bills, communiques and decrees.In my searching, I came across a power point on Hydrogen Business Opportunities in Turkey presented by Mr. Manas. In this presentation they spoke about the REPZEB Project which stands for Renewable Energy Powered Zero Emissions Boat. The objective is to show a clean and 100% renewable energy driven marine transportation vehicle to encourage and motivate both government and private sector companies to take part and invest in hydrogen economy efforts for a sustainable and clean earth.

Alphan has also written as a columnist for Forbes Turkey for 2 years and later for BusinessWeek. He is also an editor for Futuretakes magazine of World Future Society in the US and has his own blog which deals with a wide array of just about everything although the google translate gets a little lost.

As we’ve just read in Till’s post about the working relationship between Victor and Brightwell, one would have to think that they would have some pretty good insight on how to get things moving again quickly. It is clear to see that Manas and Brightwell Holdings BV are investing in the future and a big part of that is alternatives to the fuel we use now and with different laws being introduced to car manufacturers to bring emissions down, Brightwell seems to be on the right path. As much as Victor says he sees them as the best chance to restart Saab as a whole, I again will not say that I like them more or less then Mahindra, I believe they both have what we need and both could make a good owner for Saab.


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