Help Meg Fight Cancer

One of the longest regulars at SaabsUnited is Meg Haviland, part of the team at Beck Saab in Yonkers, New York. Meg is taking part in her first Making Strides Against Breast Cancer walk in two weeks, and is trying her best to make a difference against this disease. Just as we’ve done before, we’d like to extend the reach of this blog to the rest of the world and hope that the compassionate Saab community can help her make a difference with a small donation.

Meg's 900 Convertible (with signature from Victor Muller in the engine compartment!)

Sometimes we see calls for donations and think to ourselves, “Hmm, another cause…” but I have to say, I can personally vouch that the American Cancer Society is one of the most concrete and results based charity on the planet. Every year, they make incredible strides by funding alternative research projects and saving lives through early detection techniques at wiping out cancer. Please consider helping Meg make strides on her walk to raise money to end cancer too.

Click here to be taken to Meg’s Donation Page.


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