The Twin Pipes are on…..

I’ve been smiling quite a lot the last few days, why? because a very large box arrived from and in it was a Hirsch Twin Exhaust system.

Ever since Trond chatted about his Dual Exhaust System I’ve been looking forward to finally getting a set  for my 9-5 Anniversary Wagon.

I didn’t have to wait too long for the package to arrive and then it was off to chat to Jerry at Astley Saab to arrange the fitting.
I remember Tim fitting a set to his 9-5 a while ago and knew it could be done at home but I didn’t fancy lying on the floor.

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Hirsch Performance 20″ Rims – Reloaded


For those among you who own a NG 9-5 it may be of interest that and Autohaus Lafrentz in Kiel/Germany joined forces to collect orders for a new edition of the forged Hirsch Performance 20″ rims. Of course they will be genuine Hirsch Performance products.

If you are interested please contact Markus Lafrentz directly via eMail through m.lafrentz(at) for details.

He also has a few Hirsch Performance bodykits for the NG 9-5 available. You can see them on his beautiful combi on the pictures in his post.

Hirsch Performance Parts @

SU Bild Kopie

As we already mentioned a few weeks ago we at took over the distribution of Hirsch Performance merchandise.

Additionally we managed to get hold of a whole lot of parts that did not show up on their homepage anymore. Right now most products we can offer are for the first generation 9-3 and 9-5. Among the parts are intercoolers and exhaust parts as well as interior items like door handles and carbon dashboards, mostly at pretty heavy discounts compared to the original price.

Take some time to explore our shop and find rare things like a silver carbon dahboard that was made as a prototype during the development of the Troll R or the last few Turbochargers that were tailormade for the 305 hp kit for the 9-3. Be aware that for almost all off those items it’s the last stock that will be available.

Even a few genuine Saab intercoolers for the 2.8T 9-3 II found their way into our shop.

Actually we are still going through the lot and it is pretty sure that more and other stuff will show up. If you want to keep updated feel free to like our facebook page where all new products are posted as they are added to the shop.

SaabsUnited Advent Calendar Sale


Since today the first door is to be opened we decided to sell off the last pieces of our SaabsUnited Advent calendar at heavy discount. It is now available for Euro 5,90 instead of 9,90.

Whilst you are visiting and the SaabsUnited Store don’t miss our other products. Besides a wide range of posters we also offer a bit of seasonal stuff like Christmas cards, wrapping papers and even two different sleds.

We also have the European license plate frames back in stock and a few of the known SaabsUnited keyrings along with the decals the crew had on their cars on the Saab Festival.

Be aware that the 10% discount can still be obtained with the code SAABXMAS until the 24th of December.

Poster: First NEVS 9-3, Abel Art

Poster NEVS

It’s been just a few weeks ago that NEVS built the first 9-3 under their ownership in the Trollhättan factory. Our photographer Rikard H made that great shot that we now printed as a poster. It_s available in the SU store area on cardyourcar.

abel set 500

We created another set of great posters in cooperation with Abel Art from Singapore. They are available either as a set or seperately. To celebrate the new additions to our poster portfolio we give a 50% discount on all other posters.

Check it out, along with lots of other stuff like SaabsUnited T-Shirts, decals and the Advent Calendar a on

The SaabsUnited Chocolate Advent Calendar

SU Adventskalender final outline fŸr web

The SaabsUnited store has been pretty low since the Saab festival.On one hand we sold out most of our items and on the other hand the store has completely moved to Throughout this week I am going to feature some of the products that are now available in the SaabsUnited store and on CardYourCar in general here, starting with something very special:

The SaabsUnited Advent calendar really sweetens the wait for Christmas. On the outside if features a beautiful 9-3x in the snow and on the inside there are 24 bars of Milka chocolate waiting for their day to come. With a size of 27 x 19 x 1 cm (approx. 10,6 x 7,5 x 0,5 in) and a foldable stand on the back it is perfect for the office desk.

That advent calendar is strictly limited to 250 pcs so don’t think about it for too long.

Feel free to browse through cardyourcar. Of course you can cross-shop all the articles there and get it all in a single delivery. Even a first glimpse on the new SU calendars is available. They have just been made available for pre-orders. More on them later this week.

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