Return of the Convoys: [email protected] 2011 Caravan

Who doesn’t remember the SAVE SAAB convoys from the beginning of last year? They brought many of us together and helped launch this website to become what it is today.

Our first convoy comes from Allan H. in Charlottesville, Va. As part of the build up to SAABs @ Carlisle 2011, Allan H. has been working to organize a caravan with Tim Whalen, the GM at International Motors in Falls Church Va, George Basehore, the Event Coordinator for SAABS @ Carlisle 2011, Ben Hinkle who has organized a SAAB group leaving from Frederick, Md. and the Central Penn SAAB Club.

Ben Hinkle’s group is meeting on Friday, May 20th at the Exxon Gas Station, located at 400 South Jefferson Street in Frederick, Md at 1:00 P.M. Allan’s group will be leaving from Charlottesville, Va, at 9:00 AM and traveling up Route 29 North to Route 15 North into Frederick, Md to meet with Ben’s group at the Exxon. They will continue on Route 15 North into Dillsburg, PA. Allan is making arrangements with his SAAB mechanic, in Charlottesville, Va, to arrange to meet at his SAAB specialty shop around 8:30 AM for coffee/donuts.


SU Regular Coggs will also have details about his convoy coming from Massachusetts and Maine soon. As soon as we get more information you’ll know.

Details are still being ironed out, and this post will be updated to reflect them. Feel free to post in comments if you’re able to attend or if you would like to find out more information on any of the convoys.


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