Saabfestival 2015: In memory of Erik Carlsson

Mille Miglia 189, Erik and codriver Torsten Åman. Photocredit: Saab
Mille Miglia 1989, Erik and co-driver Torsten Åman. Photo credit: Saab

As the most of you know, we got the sad message on Wednesday 27th of May that Erik Carlsson had driven his last mile. Erik is the true “Mr. Saab”, and in all respect for other that do and have done a great job for Saab, Erik is probably is the greatest. Erik promoted Saab very well in the years he was challenging with a Saab, and maybe even better after he started working with public relations for Saab (at that time I’m not sure “public relations” was a position – but that was what Erik do). I had the honour to meet Erik a few times, and two things impressed me very much. The one thing was how patient he was, everybody that wanted a autograph or a picture together with Erik get it – the other thing was a remarkable memory regarding people he had meet earlier. It was like “where are you from” the first time we met, “you was from Norway, right” the second time, and after that like “how is it going in Norway”….

At the Saab-festival 2015 in Trollhättan last month, there was a ceremony commemorating Erik Carlsson. Instead of a a moment of silence, there was a few two-stoke Saabs that was started up to honour Erik. Later, Peter Bäckström from the Saab Car Museum had Gunnar Palm, one of Eriks co-drivers, at the stage and shared some memories from his time with Erik. I captured this with my pocket camera without a tripod, so I’m sorry for the motions – it was a bit difficult to hold the camera in the exact same position over my head for half an hour or so… 😉 I also have a clip of the two-stokes, that I will share with you later. But here is Gunnar and Peter with some great stories – ENJOY. (English language)

Rest in peace Erik, you will never be forgotten.

edit: I got some reports that there was some problems with the sound on the YouTube-clip, that is now fixed.

Postcard from England – Saab 900 Carlsson

This will be one of my final few posts on SU before heading home and it’s a real pleasure to be able to show you this cracker of a car from the 2010 Saab Owners Club annual gathering last weekend in Bath, England.

The Saab 900 Carlsson is probably my most lusted after 900 special edition vehicle. Actually, it could well be my most lusted after 900, period. Whilst we got the 9000 Carlsson in Australia, the 900 was kept mostly for the English market and we just got to drool years later when we saw the brochures.

This 900 Carlsson belongs to a young guy named Craig, and it’s pretty special. As a basic Carlsson model, this car would be pretty impressive. But this is much more than a basic Carlsson.

Have a look at the following two lists.

Those lists show the complete catalog of Saab options or accessories that were available at the time Craig’s 900 was released. What Craig’s undertaken to do is obtain all of these accessories – and fit them to the car where appropriate.

That’s a fine goal, but as you can see, that a very long list.

As of last weekend, Craig has obtained all but 11 of the items on that list. He’s found three of the eleven missing items, but the person holding them doesn’t want to sell right now.


Craig also has a Saab 9000 Carlsson – in black – that he’s looking to complete in a similar manner. Next on his list is a black 99 Turbo, which I’m sure he’ll bring up to the same high standard to complete the range.

There’s no talk of moving on to a black 9-3 or 9-5 at this stage, but knowing how people tend to allow these Saab habits to grow…….

It’s Official, Saab Owners are more passionate about their brand

Well, shoot, as noted in comments, I am a couple of months late in getting to this particular piece of Saabology. So, instead of removing the entire thing, I’ll simply leave it to you, dear readers.
If you want my take on the same subject essay that Swade covered here, then click over to the rest of the article after the jump.

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