Koenigsegg going cheap….

Some time ago, back in the Trollhattan Saab days, we did a demographic survey on the site including various questions that people were asked to answer anonymously.
One of those questions was about income, and a few people responded that they were filthy freaking rich and could pretty much afford whatever the heck they wanted.
Now’s your chance to pick up Saab’s next big brother, maybe at a bargain basement price, too (you didn’t get that way by paying top dollar, did you?).
COYS Auctions are having a “True Great” auction and one of the cars on the block is a 2005 Koenigsegg CCR, which is estimated to go for £175,000-250,000. Bargain!
I need someone I ‘know’ to buy one of these. How else do you get a ride in one?
Hat tip to Pistonheads

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