A Cowboy and the big surf

I will keep this post at the top during the weekend as it may be of interest for many.



More on Christopher Johnston and Merbanco

I want to begin by letting you know why my first post on SaabsUnited deals with a company and person that has been a topic many times before here on SU. Our dear friend Swade has done a couple of brilliant interviews with Christopher Johnston (CJ) CEO of Merbanco.

But the fact is, questions may vary with time and Saab has now been in the most capable hands of Spyker for over a year. Things change and maybe even personal reflections.
CJ is, besides being a businessman on a grand scale, a true lover of Saab and has also been seen commenting quite frequently on SaabsUnited.

This interview is intended to focus a bit more on CJ´s thoughts regarding product, dealerships, markets and perception of the Saab brand and product. Oh and yes, a wee bit on the deal that did not happen.

As always a Big thank you to CJ for taking the time to answer our questions and being so open towards us.

My SaabsUnited contact with Christopher Johnston, CEO Merbanco

I got in contact with Christopher a while ago to see if he would be willing to give his personal views on some of the questions that had been lingering for quite some time in relations to Merbanco´s bid to acquire Saab Automobile from General Motors. Questions that many of us have asked ourselves and pondered over but as yet had an explanation for. Questions like what his views are on the current and future Saab product portfolio. As a friend of SaabsUnited and an allover genuinely good bloke, CJ agreed to give his answers to questions compiled from the SaabsUnited team.

So click on through and find out more. And why “the big surf” in the headline?

(Please note that Chris´s answers are based on his own views and does not necessarily reflect the views of other individuals within Merbanco or involved business partners.)

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