Wednesday Snippets – Sonett love edition

Saab Cars, the official presence of Saab on Facebook, posted a picture and question earlier today.

Which Saab model is your all time favorite? And what’s the feature making it so special?

As you might expect, there were lots of references to the Saab 900 in comments (and a good number for the 99 Turbo, too, which was very pleasing).

What surprised me a little, though, was that out of 385 responses received, not one person gave the Sonett their ‘most loved’ status. That’s not to say that I would have either (99T or Viggen for me) but I would have thought that someone would be showing their love for the Sonett out of that many responses.


Peter DeLorenzo pours some cold water on the idea of any car company advertising during the Superbowl.

He lists eight car companies that are signed up so far – Audi, BMW, Chevrolet, Chrysler, Hyundai, Kia, Mercedes-Benz and Volkswagen – and a cost of around $4million for doing so.


Saabs United brought you the first information about Saab 9-4x pricing in mid-November. It was announced then that the base model would sell for $34,200.

A short time later, news came that the 9-4x Aero pricing would come in at a benjamin+change under $49K.

News has started circulating the interwebs about pricing for other models within the Saab 9-4x range.

Saab 9-4x Base – $34,205
Saab 9-4X Premium – $38,075

There are FWD and XWD variants with both of those models. The prices listed there are presumably for the FWD versions.

Saab 9-4x Aero is XWD only, at $48,835

These figures are for the US market and include delivery. They appear not in a press release, but on Autoblog. And yes, this is a mild irritant.


If I have a choice, I’ll take the bottom half of the Popular Colors paint chart, thanks.

I know stuff looks good in silver (and black), but still…..50% of cars globally for those two colors?

Java Metallic – Saab 9-5 style

Sorry if I’m offending anyone here, but Java Metallic is officially my new favourite colour. Can’t get enough Java in my life.

We saw Java Metallic on the Saab 9-3 yesterday. Today, it’s time for the Saab 9-5.

This car was purchased by Johan L and delivered to him, at the factory, around mid-September. Pretty special if you ask me. It’s an Saab 9-5, Turbo6, Aero XWD and it’s fully loaded (or as we’d say here in Australia, fully sick, mate).

I can well imagine why he’s looking so happy and proud in these pics. Congratulations, and thanks for sending along the Java.

Johan Java 9-5 covered

Johan Java 9-5 uncovering

Johan Java 9-5 reaction

Johan Java 9-5 receiving

And parked at home….. looking superb.

Saab 9-5 Java Metallic

Saab 9-5 Java Metallic

Saab 9-5 Java Metallic

Saab 9-3 in Java Metallic

Up until now, we’ve had to make do with virtual images of Saab’s new Java Metallic colour. We’ve heard good things about it from a few people who have seen it around THN, but we haven’t seen any real photos of the colour.

That’s up until now.

This car isn’t in full natural sunlight, but I think you’ll get the idea of the effect. It’s called Java Metallic, but I take my caffeine cold, so I’ll call it Coke 🙂

Click, and note the new 9-3 badging, too.

Java Metallic Saab 9-3

This car was at a dealership called Bilforum AB in Kungsängen, just outside Stockholm. The images appear on a site called Bytbil, and were brought to my attention via Tobias at Buzz.

Java Metallic Saab 9-3

I can’t wait to see this colour in person and ‘drink it in’.

Sorry…… I’m making Dad jokes now.

Java Metallic Saab 9-3

Thanks again, Tobias.

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