Spyker Cars will be Swedish Automobile NV

Some documents (english version) on the Spyker’s site do also talk about Swedish Automobile NV as the new name for Spyker Cars NV.

Thanks to Tim

If we have to believe the Dutch newspaper deVolkskrant, Spyker cars will be renamed to Swedish Automobile NV.

As we know, Spyker has sold the Spyker sportscar part of the company to the coach-builder CPP earlier this year, so it made no sense to use the name Spyker any more. Furthermore it is unknown if they are fully free to use the name SAAB, or if they have to always ask Saab technology AB if they want to use it differently.

I personally like the name, it denotes that they want to concentrate in their Swedishness and it is better than all those new artificially created company names.

Original in Dutch


Thanks to Ralph for the hint

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