SaabGB Press Release:- Bring back family time with Saab.

Below you will find the results from a Poll that was commissioned for SaabGB and includes a family competition. Please enjoy the read.

With the bank holiday season quickly approaching, leading car manufacturer Saab is launching a campaign to bring back quality family time in the car.

The campaign comes on the back of a recent poll of UK parents, commissioned by Saab GB, which showed that whilst travelling as a family in the car remains the most popular mode of transport, parents aren’t actually taking advantage of this fantastic opportunity to engage with their children.

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The Depreciation Myth

Recently I’ve been noticing a few comments here and other sites claiming how Saabs depreciate much faster than their competitors. Like others who visit this site, I’m sick of seeing the words “loss-making” in front of Saab’s name. So when I heard people attaching those words to the cars themselves, I decided it was time to research the validity of that statement. I posted this in comments but I think it deserves its own space on the site for the official record.

I know for many of our American readers it’s getting towards tax time and you may not want to crunch any more numbers, but don’t be afraid– I promise you’ll enjoy the results after the break.

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